Hitlery 166

Now let me start by saying that I freely admit I am not the smartest guy you’re ever going to run into, but I do have a couple years of college under my belt and was, I’d like to think, pretty successful during my career in the Navy.  Having said that, back when this presidential campaign season first began, I’ll be honest with you, I never thought I be someone who would come to call himself a Trump supporter.  And, quite frankly, I didn’t think he’d be around all that long.  So it was for that reason that I first supported someone who I saw as being a more serious candidate.

Well as time passed, and the number of Republican candidates slowly dwindled, to my surprise it was always Trump who remained.  But as long as my guy was still there, I decided that I was going to stick with him, confident that he’d still be there after things had played out.  Well eventually the time came when the candidate I had supported from the very beginning decided that it was time for him to bow out.  So it was then that I had a decision to make.  Continue on and support Trump in his effort to become president or, sit on the sidelines now that my guy had called it quits.

Personally, I saw myself as having only one viable option, and that would be to throw my support behind Trump.  Granted, some of the things he had said, and still says, have made me cringe a bit, but still, say what you will about the guy he never stood by and watched as four Americans were brutally murdered nor has he ever been responsible for enabling our enemies to gain access to our most classified information.  So it struck me as rather odd when a recent poll came out claiming that college-educated white voters overwhelming support Hitlery over Trump.

Now I’m told that this particular demographic is one that the Republican Party has carried in every presidential race going back for several decades and is also one that Mitt Romney won by a pretty significant margin in 2012.  But it’s according to a new Bloomberg Politics/Purple Slice online poll that would seem to indicate that with white voters possessing at least a college degree, but no post-graduate degree, which represented more than one-third of voters in 2012, has Hitlery leading Trump, 48 to 37 percent and is a group Romney won in 2012 by 14 points.

And among all college-educated ‘likely voters’, including those with post-graduate degrees, a group which represented 47 percent of the 2012 electorate Hitlery is said to lead Trump, 54 to 32 percent.  In 2012 Barry held a 2-point advantage in this group.  Other polls, however, show Trump faring better among white voters without college degrees than Romney attracted.   According to American National Election Studies data, no Democrat presidential candidate has won the majority of college-educated white voters since way back in 1952.

So, might this be yet another indicator of how it is that our institutions of higher learning today seek to Indoctrinate rather than educate?  The college brain-washed have not had their skilled jobs taken by semi-skilled illegal immigrants in construction nor seen their wages cut by the glut of illegal immigration.  These brain-washed migrate to safer neighborhoods thereby lessening the need for self-protection and the need to safeguard our rights under our 2nd Amendment. These brain-washed are easily manipulated by the media through ‘white’ or ‘affluent’ guilt.

Let’s face it, those of us on the Trump train, even the late comers like myself, have endured much name calling and degrading remarks from those who view themselves as being society’s elite essentially ever since the first days of Trump’s campaign.  Especially the rather degrading claim that has us supporting Trump only because we are so thoroughly uninformed.  But in this day and age you are only as uninformed as you wish to be. Nothing they can do or say will stop the Trump movement. The elite have every reason to fear us as we will slowly vote them out of office.

Or, might the real reason that white, educated, voters are not identifying as Trump supporters be because they don’t want to be threatened by the violence that one typically experiences from Hitlery and Bernie supporters.  The left, via their psychotic desire for political correctness work to skew the polls in an effort to making it appear that Hitlery is winning. It’s the grand illusion created by the left. Trump supporters are more and more keeping their political viewpoints to themselves. Working class voters are hardier and are willing to take the heat.


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