Only after what can be, at best, described as a rather sketchy bit of questionable police work, by he who had been described by many as being nothing less than a modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes, was FBI director James Comey able to come to the unlikely conclusion that Hitlery had done nothing whatsoever that would warrant her facing any sort of prosecution.  And it is a testament to his skill as an investigator that he was able to reach that conclusion by neither placing Hitlery under oath nor by making sure there was a transcript made of the over three hours of questioning.  It’s no wonder he is in his current position of FBI director, right.

As someone looking in from the outside, I would argue that the director more closely resembled Inspector Clouseau as he appeared before the House Oversight Committee this past Thursday, where his testimony was seen as being important enough to place ‘him’ under oath.  It was then that he was provided with an opportunity to justify an unjustifiable decision not to recommend that Hitlery be prosecuted for her blatant, and purposeful mishandling of classified information.  There seemed to be little disagreement that she had done it, but it was apparently determined that she really didn’t mean to do it.  An excuse that works only for Democrats, or a Clinton.

But having said that, here are the seven key takeaways.

  1. Hitlery to be investigated for perjury. Committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) told Comey that given the facts he had presented, Hillary Clinton had clearly lied under oath to the Benghazi committee and would be referred for investigation.
  2. Hitlery gave classified information to people without security clearance. Chaffetz: “Did Hillary Clinton give non-cleared people access to classified information?” Comey: “Yes.” That included her email administrators and her lawyers.
  3. Hitlery had “intent” to break the law. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) confronted Comey with the overwhelming evidence that Clinton intended to break the law, contradicting Comey’s contention that there was insufficient evidence of Clinton’s intent.
  4. The FBI did not investigate whether Hitlery had lied to them. They interviewed her on Saturday without placing her under oath or recording the meeting, and Comey admitted he did not “parse” the record of her interview to see if she lied.
  5. Hitlery’s best defense is that she is too stupid and incompetent to have known better. Comey said that Clinton might not be “sophisticated” enough to tell when documents were classified — though members of the committee showed otherwise.
  6. Hitlery is probably still being investigated for corruption regarding the Clinton Foundation. Comey said that other investigations against Hitlery’s team had ended, but would not confirm or deny an ongoing probe into the Clinton Foundation.
  7. Democrats showed no interest in holding Hitlery accountable. Instead, they attacked Donald Trump, complained that the hearings were political, praised Comey for his integrity, and made false accusations of bias against the committee.

Oh, and let’s not forget how Hitlery mishandled human and signal intelligence on an unauthorized private server.  It was Rep Will Hurd (R-TX) who came out of left field and surprised everybody.  Mr. Hurd went after the mishandling of classified human and signal intelligence on a rogue unauthorized private server and others without security clearance had access.  It was a visibly angry Hurd who said, “I spent 9 1/2 years as an undercover officer in the CIA. I was the guy in the back alleys, collecting intelligence, passing it to lawmakers. I’ve seen my friends killed. I’ve seen assets put in harms way.”  And he then asked, “Does SAP include Humint and Sigint?”

Comey said that it was possible, but he couldn’t say in this setting.  Hurd said, “The Secretary of State had an unauthorized email server in her basement, those are your words.”  And then asked, “Who or what was protecting that server?”  To which Comey responded, “Not much.”  Hurd asked, “You don’t think this sends a message to other employees that if the former Secretary of State can have an unauthorized server in their basement that transmits top secret information… that’s not a problem?”  Comey answered saying, “There will be discipline from termination to reprimand–and everything in between–for people who mishandle classified information.”

Those unfamiliar with Comey were likely unaware, before this past week, that he’s your common household-variety political hack.  And when his testimony was over I’m sure he went back to his office and had a good laugh.  The events of this week which involved both Comey and Hitlery should come as no surprise.  After all, this isn’t the first time Comey has investigated the Clintons.  And in the past, and in each and every instance, he also found that there was never any wrong doing despite the fact that there was plenty of evidence that would have seemed to suggest otherwise.  Apparently it’s his job is to make sure nothing comes from Clinton investigations.

So, Mr. Comey can now be said to be 0 for 3 when it comes to the Clintons. Comey was part of the Whitewater Investigation, the Marc Rich investigation (Rich was a Clinton donor that was pardoned by Slick Willie), and now the Hitlery Email Investigation. Lots of investigations, but no convictions. Given his history with this pair, isn’t it a little suspicious that Hitlery’s FBI interview was neither taped nor transcribed?  Each investigation has ended with Comey’s “strong admonitions” of the Clinton’s; yet, despite allot of evidence of wrongdoing, no convictions. Is Comey so incompetent that he has let the Clinton’s evade justice for 20+ years?

And what really irritates me is hearing from so very many people about how this guy was supposed to be such an honorable man, that he would go wherever the facts lead him and not be swayed by the politics.  And it was all a bunch of bullshit.  Am I actually supposed to believe that they were all somehow completely oblivious to the rather checkered history between this ‘standup guy’ and the sleazy Clinton’s?  He’s either a shitty cop or one on the receiving end of some rather hefty payoffs.  The damage he has done to the image of the FBI may very well be irreparable.  And the sad thing is, I don’t think he even cares.  I know Hitlery and ‘Slick Willie’ don’t

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