Hitlery 148

In an election cycle in which millions of voters have now voiced their obvious displeasure with those politicians, on both sides of the aisle, identified as being members of ‘The Political Establishment’ it struck me as being rather odd that, as recently as this past Tuesday, Barry “Almighty’ could still be heard heaping all manner of rather impressive praise upon Hitlery for being exactly that, an old, career politician that has been around way too long.

So it was then that during their rather odd joint campaign appearance in North Carolina, Barry made the statement that America is a “young country, so we like new things.”  Barry, as you may recall, and in some case would likely wish you could forget, got himself elected president in 2008 after having served only two years of a six year term in the Senate.  Barry admitted, “I’ve benefited from that culture. Let’s face it, when I came on the scene in ’08, everyone said, ‘he’s new.’”

Barry said he wanted to be “blunt” and then set about to argue that Hitlery, 68, has “her share of critics” because “that’s what happens when you are somebody who’s actually in the arena.”  He went on to say, “That’s what happens when you’ve fought for what you believe in.”  And he continued. “That’s what happens when you’ve dedicated yourself to public service over the course of a lifetime.”  The ONLY thing that Hitlery has dedicated herself to is making herself very wealthy!

Barry said sometimes Americans “take for granted” someone like Hitlery who has “been in the trenches” to “fight the good fight.” He added that, “sometimes, we act as if never having done something and not knowing what you’re doing is a virtue.”  Barry said that does not happen with surgeons or airline pilots.  Call me crazy, but I just can’t quite bring myself to compare someone like Hitlery to someone who actually provides some benefit to their fellow man.

Barry said, “I’m here today because I believe in Hillary Clinton, and I want you to help elect her to be the next president of the United States of America.”  And he went on to say, “There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton.”  And yet whenever you ask any of her very enthusiastic supporters what it is that makes her so qualified to be president all you get in return, more often than, is nothing more than a deer in the headlights kind of  stare.

There on the very day that FBI Director James Comey issued his legalese-filled exoneration of Hitlery, essentially reminding Americans of everything that they hate about career politicians, we had Barry making some curious comments about Hitlery’s supposed “experience”.  Comments which may yet end up going over about as well as Dick Gephardt’s argument against Howard Dean during the 2004 Democrat presidential primaries that an old pair of sneakers sometimes fit the best.

Let’s face it, Hitlery has long been plagued by a distrustful electorate and now finds herself being in the position of needing Barry to, hopefully, provide a much needed boost to her ‘popularity’ with younger voters as well as with minorities. She has also campaigned with other, more popular politicians such as progressive nutjob Elizabeth Warren and she will also campaign with ‘Slow Joe’ Biden later this week. Can you imagine having to use these two as a character reference?

What we were witness to earlier this week was likely nothing more than a political payoff, of sorts.  It goes back to when Hitlery suspended her 2008 campaign making it easier for Barry to be elected.  He then appointed her as Secretary of State, allowing her to assist him in advancing a disastrous foreign policy.  Barry then, knowing she was using an unauthorized and unprotected server, still chose to correspond with her which only served to aid and abet your obviously felonious conduct.

Then they conspired to do absolutely nothing during the Benghazi attack and then concocted a story while it was still underway, then chose to hide from the press and to send out Susan Rice to lie on their behalf.  Hitlery then destroyed thousands of emails in a deliberate violation of State Department policy, put our nation’s top secrets and the lives of our secret operatives at risk, and then Barry endorses her as the most qualified candidate ever.  So what we have is a plan coming together!

I am today, I think, closer than I have ever been to finally throwing in the towel when it comes to possessing any hope whatsoever that the American people will finally decide to do the right thing, and put what’s best for the country ahead of what’s best for themselves.  Frankly I just don’t think there are enough of us left who even have it in us anymore.  We’ve grown fat and lazy, finding it much easier to just kick back and vote our freedom away election after election.

And between the farce that was put on yesterday by Mr. Comey, the witnessing of the rather bizarre Barry and Hitlery roadshow there in North Carolina and then you add to that all of the absolute drivel we’re hearing from those in the state-controlled media about how Hitlery has been exonerated, and you have to wonder.  We expect such nonsense from a hack like Comey and losers like Barry and Hitlery.  But what remained of our media after 2008, is officially dead in 2016.

But then you hear absolute morons like that perennial Hitlery butt-lick Lanny Davis who apparently thinks we all pretty stupid.  Because he, and any number of other Hitlery sycophants, think they can somehow justify the kind of behavior that had it been committed by me, while I was on active duty, would resulted in me losing my security clearance and being booted from the Navy.  So you have to wonder, do they actually believe the shit that is falling out of their mouths?

Look as I have said before, Trump is far from being the prefect candidate, but what he is, at this particular point in time is the closest thing we that have of being able to put the disastrous presidency of Barry “Almighty” behind us and preventing our being made face that which may be even worse, a Hitlery Clinton presidency.  The choice is really a very simple one, and from where I’m sitting it should be a no-brainer.  Hitlery would be an absolute catastrophe, and must be prevented at all costs!


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