Ted Kennedy

I think it pretty safe to say that these days about the only folks who still insist upon paying any amount of attention to that rather odd assortment of misfits, perverts and malcontents referred to as the Kennedy Clan, are those who are in search of a little amusement.  Let’s face it, trying to keep up with the antics of this inbred bunch of degenerates is a full time hobby, however they do still serve a useful purpose for those looking for a source of cheap entertainment.  After all, it was the Kennedy’s that kept ‘The National Inquirer’ going for decades.

And it was in that tradition that over this past weekend of celebration Robert Kennedy Jr.’s daughter, Kathleen, thought it would be just-oh-so clever to post a photo to social media, alerting, what I’m sure are, her many followers about how it was that the Kennedy clan spent the Fourth of July bashing Donald Trump, literally. The photo shows the family enjoying a Trump-shaped piñata.  I think we can all agree that this assortment of drunks, tramps and thieves little more than a pathetic freak show.  I could never understand the fascination with them.

So little Ms. Kathleen, who goes by “kickkennedy” on Instagram, posted the image of the Trump piñata to her Instagram account during the family gathering on Saturday with what she must have thought was a clever caption, “It’s a yuge party!”  But by Monday morning, this little scumbag appeared to be having some second thoughts and tried to delete the image. The deletion came more than just a bit too late, though, as the story had already spread throughout the media.  The photo was up long enough for the Kennedy’s many “A-List” friends to show their support of the photo.

Posting compliments were such leftwing luminaries as actress Glenn Close, model Jessica Joffe, publishing heiress Anne Hearst, the daughter of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and a slew of other jet-set types.  But can you imagine the uproar and outrage if the Trump family had enjoyed a Hitlery piñata at their party?  Yet these alcohol-addled, creepy Democrats get a pass.  “A-list” in this particular instance stands for ‘Ass-wipe’ when referring to the Kennedy’s and those who hang with them.  For anyone else this would have been labeled a “hate crime.”

A number of Kennedys, these devout left-wingers and haters of America, have already endorsed Democrat frontrunner Hitlery Clinton for president, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., well known for his rather extreme views on supposed ‘climate change’ as well as for his rather energetic attempts at furthering the Kennedy legacy of drug and alcohol abuse and having driven his wife to suicide.  Other clan members who have officially thrown their support to Hitlery include Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend and Rory Kennedy.

And of course the location of this piñata busting party was only a few miles from that very spot where, in 1969, Teddy Kennedy managed to drive off a bridge, after which he then wandered off leaving a certain Ms. Mary Jo Kopechne, a passenger in his car, to die.  The 28-year-old was rumored to have been Kennedy’s secret girlfriend and may have even been pregnant at the time of her death.  But hey, Teddy got away with it in much the same way that Hitlery got away with allowing our state secrets to fall in hands of our enemies.  Our laws don’t apply to Democrats.

But at the end of the day you kinda have to ask yourself, are the Kennedy’s really even relevant anymore?  Although, I must say that it was quite surprising to see that there were actually enough of them currently not in rehab so that they were able to stage such a get-together as this.  As far as being relevant, I would argue that these days this family whose patriarch was nothing more than a common bootlegger has become pretty much obsolete and hold nowhere near the stature that, for whatever weird reason that they once did.  Today they’re a national joke.

I think it’s become rather obvious that as time has gone by the old Kennedy gene pool has been getting progressively shallower and shallower.  And there’s a pattern here, a pattern of getting away with rape (William Kennedy Smith) and Murder (Skakel Murder of Martha Moxley and Ted at Chappaquiddick).  So let them bash their piñata, and anyone wanna bet that there was plenty of booze and maybe even a little of the white powder there as well.  This clan is, without a doubt, one of the most corrupt political families this country has ever managed to produce.

Now if I was Mr. Trump I’d be only too willing to put my family up against either the Kennedys or the Clintons.  I don’t recall ever hearing how any of his kids ended up in rehab, and I don’t recall hearing about how any of their spouses wanted out so badly that they resorted to killing themselves.  And you can say what you want about Trump, but neither do I ever recall hearing about how he murdered a pregnant girlfriend or how he was spotted walking around drunk with no pants on.  Nor has he ever been accused of receiving oral sex from a girl young enough be his daughter.


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