Trump 15

I think it’s very safe to say that with Trump, if he does in fact win in November, we will likely be in for quite the turbulent, speed of light, very entertaining, enlightening, commonsensical (new word), take no shit, roller coaster of a ride, politically speaking, kind of a presidency.  And personally, to be honest with you, I can’t wait.  After the last eight years it’s damn near anything that would be an improvement, except, of course, four years of Hitlery.  That would be a disaster!

Over the last eight years Barry has had a constant chip on his girly-man shoulder about America and he has done everything he could possibly do to bring us down.  And he has met with more success than many of us would like to admit. Hopefully though, we’ll be able to shake off much of what he’s done once he leaves.  I really look forward to Trump calling him out on the stuff he has done, when he reverses it, that will be biblical.  Get on the Trump Train….Choo Choo

But, to be honest, Trump will have nothing short of monumental task in front of him.  One that would be deemed as being nearly impossible even for someone with a lifetime of experience in the leviathan the federal bureaucracy has become, let alone a novice first entering into the federal bureaucratic insanity.  We can only hope he will be up to the task and will choose wisely when it comes to surrounding himself with those whom he will most definitely be needing to assist him in what lies ahead.

It would right out of the gate, that we would have Trump make a statement that would leave no doubt that he understands the seriousness of the task at hand.  He would, and in one fell swoop, set about to abolish every single executive order and rescind every onerous regulation Barry put in place during his entire presidency.  Trump would turn back the clock and do all that he could to make it appear as if Barry’s presidency never even existed.  Only then could America begin to heal.

From there Trump would begin the streamlining of our bloated federal bureaucracy, a process that would be initiated by bringing an end to the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy and getting rid of the TSA as well as the EPA.  He would then set his sights on the State Department and the Justice Department, both of which have become political cesspools, and carry out a very thorough housecleaning of both. Over the last eight years both have been infiltrated by many unseemly characters.

And he would then funnel some of the money resulting from the shutting down of the departments previously listed into the Department of Defense in an effort to revitalize our defense capabilities.  But there too a thorough housecleaning is going to be required early on.  Our military leadership must consist of those men and women who possess the proper skillsets and not just the ability to kiss the appropriate ass to move up in rank.  We need to get back to having real military leaders.

And if the Republicans are fortunate enough to maintain control of congress, which at this point in time remains very much in doubt, within his first week in office he would summon those in leadership positions to the Oval Office.  And it would be then that he would inform them of exactly how things are going to be.  He would make very clear how is that individual careers are to become secondary to the carrying out of the people’s business.  And anyone who disagreed would be put on notice.

Now granted that task becomes a bit tougher if he has to contend with Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Pelosi or, worse, both.  But if that is in fact the case then he would make clear that he has no qualms about taking his case directly to the people.  He would lay out his plan, making very clear what it will accomplish and then make very clear who it is that insists upon standing in his way and why!  He would make deals where he could, and steamroll the opposition where he couldn’t.

Trump would need to make very clear to all concerned that spending not only MUST be cut, it WILL be cut, and that it can be done the easy way or the hard way.  He would make the case that entitlement programs, unfortunately even those involving our seniors, MUST be restructured if there is to be any hope of them being able to continue.  And he would not allow the Democrats to control the dialogue when it came to making these cuts that are both necessary and long overdue.

And I’d like to think that Trump would run the country like one of his many businesses, because that’s what is needed.  I picture him having regular meetings with congressional leaders, regardless of party affiliation, bullying them whenever necessary, agreeing with them when he could without doing further damage to the country.  The survival of the country must become the most important priority, and if necessary Congress would need to be dragged along kicking and screaming.

And what Trump must do, and within at least the first 100 days, is to do all that he can to undo the damage done to our foreign policy over the course of the last eight years, and work to repair the relationships between America and her allies.  And just as important is for him to put our enemies on notice, leaving no doubt that there is now a new sheriff in town and they can rest assured that America will be returning to her traditional leadership position in the world.  And there’ll be no more apologies.

It will be an arduous, even daunting, task that will lay ahead of a president Trump.  But he must remain focused on the task at hand, knowing full well that he will be met with great resistance from both sides of the aisle.  ‘The Establishment’ resembles, in many ways, a hydra, and his task to vanquish it will be nothing short of Herculean.  National security, the economy, and immigration policy are all in need of meaningful change, all have been allowed to atrophy for the last eight years.

So it’s now in the not too distant future that we will find out how accurate my prediction will come to be.  The first step, of course, is that Trump must win the election.  And of one thing I am very certain, the future of our country depends upon keeping Hitlery Clinton out of the White House.  Not only must we elect Trump but was must also, despite it being rather distasteful to many, is keep the Republicans in charge of the Congress.  They will be needed if Trump is to succeed.


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