Anyone who is unable to recognize the fact that the Democrats actually WANT these Muslim terrorists to win, and are actually assisting them in their effort to do so, well then, you just go right ahead and stay home this November so Hitlery can waltz right into the Oval Office and pick up right where Barry leaves off.  Or worse, why don’t you go right ahead and vote for the lying bitch.

And for anyone who saw John Kerry-Heinz in Aspen recently, what you saw was yet another lying piece of shit doing his absolute best to convince the rest of us into believing that these murdering Muslims are somehow in their death throes.  Again, if you’re stupid enough to buy that nonsense, well then, I suppose you’re stupid enough to not vote for Trump.  Stupid is, as stupid does.

And I keep hearing from those who claim they are not voting for Trump because they believe there are better choices available.  That they believe in supporting the Constitution and are above party politics and the concept of winning at all costs.  How sanctimonious can one be?  That’s all well and good, but wake the f*ck up and smell the coffee, the rest of our lives may depend on it.

If there was a better choice available, that would be one thing, but there isn’t.  At least a better choice that can win, and that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it, winning.  So ok, we let Hitlery win, but in so doing you had better prepare yourself to start seeing our malls blowing up and our theaters blowing up especially as we start approaching the holiday season.  Because it’s gonna happen!

Because like I said, the Democrats and these Muslim fanatics are on the same side and against the rest of us.   So all of you who just can’t bring yourself to vote for Trump, just go ahead and lay down, because that’s exactly what they want you to do.  But I for one do not intend to lay down.  I will vote for Trump. And if he turns out to be as bad as you’ve said, then I’ll welcome your, “I told you sos!”

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