As we all know, Liberals have a rather tough time when it comes to being able to swallow cold, hard facts especially when it concerns those things they either don’t like (guns) or are very much in favor of (climate change).  Hence the reason those on the left, whether in government or in the media, are always inclined, and can be counted upon, to apply whatever amount of ‘spin’ that is seen as being necessary. For instance, Liberals aren’t at all fond of facts about guns which are not politically motivated in nature.  It’s by design, really, because, after all, agendas can’t move forward if the correct information is actually able to reach the voters.

Mr. Andrew Cline, who writes for ‘The Federalist’, makes an excellent point when he writes, “For the average American alive today, the odds of being murdered have never been lower, even though Americans possess millions more firearms.”  And he goes on to say, “The gulf between the facts about guns and the public’s perception is immense, and was created deliberately. Anti-gun advocates invent new terms (“assault weapon”) and politicians lie to win over a skeptical public. Too often these myths are swallowed by journalists and celebrities who don’t bother to check the data and don’t know how modern firearms actually work.”

The current big push coming from the state-controlled media has to with their claim that America simply has too many guns and that’s why there are so many gun deaths.  But that’s simply not true: as gun ownership rises, gun crime falls. Yet, liberals don’t want anyone to know this and that’s why paper’s like The Boston Globe, as Cline also notes, writes things like, “The United States has been pummeled by gun violence since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004.”  Most readers will just accept this as being fact and move on without ever knowing that gun violence has been falling for over 20 years now and doing nothing to see if this is actually true.

Here’s the raw data Cline cites in his article: between 1993-2013, the number of guns per person rose from 0.94 to 1.45. At the same time, the gun homicide rate fell 49%, from 7 to 3.6 per 100,000 people. Additionally, Pew reports that during roughly those same years, non-fatal gun victimizations have fallen from 725.3 to 174.8 per 100,000 people. It’s not just homicides that are decreasing.  But you’d never know any of that if your sole source of information was our own state-run propaganda system that, oddly enough, is still referred to by many as the ‘mainstream media.” Because it’s really anything but ‘mainstream.’

And everyone is all worried about those big, bad “assault” rifles that are killing everybody. Mr. Cline pitches numbers from the FBI showing a nearly 30% increase in purchases of AR-15-style rifles between 2010-2014 yet, saw murders by those same rifles fall each year: “367 in 2010; 332 in 2011; 298 in 2012; 285 in 2013; and 248 in 2014.”  Mr. Cline states, “The data produce one inescapable conclusion.”  And he adds, “The entire premise for a new ‘assault weapons’ ban — that the proliferation of ‘assault weapons’ has led to unprecedented carnage — is completely untrue.”  But, as we all know, Democrats are not the least bit interested in the truth.

So shout it from the mountaintops: there is a lot of violence in the United States, Cline concedes, but America’s love affair with guns isn’t what’s to blame, no matter how hard the state-controlled media, as well as nearly every member of the Democrat Party continues to in their effort to push that blatantly false narrative.  And all one has to do is to spend just a little time going in search of the facts.  A little time because they’re really so easy to find because they’re, quite literally, right there in front of you.  It’s just the left is hoping they can prevent you from going looking.  But they are out there my friends, so do yourself a favor, go looking!

Don’t be like so many who so willingly accept the propaganda hook, line, and sinker, whether it be about guns or anything else!  And don’t be someone for whom the facts simply don’t matter, only the narrative the Democrats are pushing.  And don’t be one of those folks who are so righteously indignant until they go on line to prove their point only to find out how wrong they really are!  You have to understand that facts don’t matter to liberals.  Liberals always try to ban, confiscate, stop, or demonize anything that offends them or messes with their anti-American agenda. It’s been going on for a long time as it’s just another name for communism and slavery.

Democrats operate on emotion over intellect and focus only on those issues likely to move elections in their direction.  They use propaganda in an effort to control the dialogue or, in necessary will resort to telling outright LIES.  So what you won’t hear is how our murder rates and neighborhood violence is a direct result of our government’s neglect to back up our police.  So when you have an atmosphere of hatred, division, violence, and turmoil like the one created by Barry’s government and laws are not enforced and law enforcement cannot do their jobs, lawlessness, violence and murders will always increase.  Bottom line, government is the biggest problem.

Let’s face it, Barry’s approach to current gun laws is pretty much the same as is his approach to current immigration laws.  Simply leave them unenforced and hope that something really bad will happen that you can then exploit in an effort to bolster any claim that might assist in the advancement of the anti-American agenda.  There are plenty of gun laws already on the books to the point where any new ones are simply not needed.  Simply enforce those already on the books.  But Barry, our chief law-enforcement official in the land, doesn’t appear to see the need to enforce those laws when not doing so might gain for him some manner of political leverage.

And, you know, for Democrats to use their supposed concern over public safety as being what’s behind their motivation for stricter gun control does nothing but to reveal them as being the true frauds that they are.  Because if they were truly concerned about public safety what they would have been doing all along, instead of constantly whining about how there are too many guns, is to have been advocating for every single American citizen, over the age of 21, to not only go out and purchase a gun, but to also obtain a permit to concealed-carry.  But they’ll never do that because public safety isn’t their primary concern. It’s not of any concern at all.


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