Trump 12

To all of those in the Republican Party who are now coming completely unglued over the fact that Donald J. Trump has now become our presumptive nominee and to those who continue to plot and connive in order to come up with some way, any way, to prevent him from becoming the party’s candidate this November, I have but one thing to say.  It all could have so easily been avoided.

Because it was back in 2010 only two years after Barry’s election, an election that many on the left had boldly declared, at the time, marked the end of the Republican Party as we knew it, the American people had a different idea, recognizing the direction that Barry sought to take the country was not the direction that they wished the country to go.  Much to the chagrin of those on the left.

Recognizing that displeasure in the American electorate Republicans promised those voters that if they would provide to them control of Congress they would then do all in their legislative power to prevent Barry from doing further damage to the country.  The American people believed them and handed to the Republicans control of the House while reducing the Democrat majority in the Senate.

And how was it that the American people were repaid for placing their trust in the Republican Party.  By being forced to watch as the House, led by John Boehner, proceeded to grant every single spending request Barry asked for. and refused to pull out every stop in an effort to prevent Obamacare from becoming the ugly reality that it has turned out to be.  Promises were broken, the people felt betrayed.

By the time 2012 arrived, Barry had been slowed very little. Again the Republicans came before the people and made much the same promises that were made in 2010.  But this time the voters were skeptical of all the promises being made.  And who could blame them.  And when the dust settled the Republicans still controlled House albeit with 8 fewer members and in the Senate their numbers were reduced by 2.

By 2014 Barry had demonstrated a willingness to use his phone and his pen to wreak even more havoc.  The Republicans again went to the voters and again promised that if they could be trusted with control of Congress they would do everything possible to put a crimp in Barry’s leftist agenda. The voters bought it and provided to the Republicans control of the Senate and the largest majority in the House since WW II.

And what did the Republicans do with their newfound power?  The answer to that question also provides to us with a clue as to why it is that Donald J. Trump has come to be in the position which he now finds himself.  Because never has a political party squandered so much in so short a period of time, a mere 18 months, as have the Republicans since assuming control of Congress.  It has been a continuing fiasco.

If only some of what had been promised had, at least, even been attempted then in all likelihood Mr. Trump would have long ago been forced to exist the race.  Instead, the Republicans thought it would be cute to play the voters for fools. Now their being made to face the consequences.  Trump is essentially their own creation.  And instead of whining about it they should simply accept it and move on.

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