The analogy that I feel is most fitting, so is therefore the one I tend to use the most often whenever discussing Barry’s continuing fixation with the many times over discredited ‘climate change’ theory has to do with the striking similarities between his behavior and that of a dog and his, or her, favorite bone.  And we saw yet another example of this just this past Saturday when Barry chose to visit to Yosemite National Park and give a little speech, during which he made sure to make time to tout his administration’s environmental record and to warn Americans about the dangers of ‘climate change’, albeit, and is always the case, with false information.

It was in this little speech of his which he gave there at the park that Barry said, “Fires are raging across the west right now … all while it’s still really early in the season.”  And in doing so Barry now joins California Governor Jerry ‘Moon Beam’ Brown in making a connection that is at best deceptive, and at worst nothing but an outright lie, between wildfires and “climate change” that scientists long ago totally rejected.  But nothing new there, leftists like these two morons claim to big supporters of science, but it would seem that the only “science” they actually support is the “science” they can use to bolster their idiotic claims.

It was reported by numerous media outlets last October that scientists rebuked ‘Moon Beam’ over his attempt to link recent California wildfires to ‘climate change.’  And it was also reported, by the Los Angeles Times no less, in August how it was that old ‘Moon Beam’ blamed “climate change” for the Rocky fire in August, and specifically challenged Republican presidential candidates to tackle ‘climate change’ in the context of “Longer fire seasons, extreme weather and severe droughts.”  ‘Moon Beam’ proves the point how leftists always think that the government is the solution for every problem, even those problems that don’t actually exist.

Not surprising, scientists say that old ‘moon Beam’ is wrong and that the scientific evidence simply does not link recent fires to ‘climate change.’  Scientists even went so far as to accuse ‘Moon Beam’ of engaging in “noble-cause corruption” of ‘climate science.’  While fires could become more likely in the future, the link in the present has simply not been established. False statements like the Barry’s could, they warn, lead to inappropriate policies. Barry’s statement was only the latest in what has been a long string of many bogus examples of “climate change” hysteria that we have continued to hear coming from him and his party.

Earlier this month we heard Barry warning how in the not too distant future we would actually come to see Manhattan “underwater” unless action was taken, and soon, on ‘climate change.’  Scientists say that some portions of Manhattan ‘could’ experience flooding, but not the entire island, even under the most catastrophic models.  Barry also touted his administration’s record in expanding public lands and taking regulatory actions, including enforcing the Endangered Species Act.  That which many Californians blame for overzealous protection of the Delta smelt at the expense of water allocations to farmers.

I very much doubt that Barry, or any of the many other Democrats who support the cockamamie ‘climate change’ narrative actually believe that ‘climate change’ is taking place.  For them it’s nothing more than a means to an end, it’s about getting a carbon tax slush fund created which they can then dole out to their contributors and use to secure votes.  ‘Moon Beam’ showed the way, creating a tax that he admits is purely symbolic and will achieve nothing to lower global temperatures. And that he uses as a slush fund to reward union contributions with Bacon Act prevailing wage jobs by the hundreds of millions dollar.  Illegally might I add.

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 provided for the carbon taxes but required that the taxes to be spent only on carbon reductive projects and programs. The Prop 1A that approved the Bullet Train Bonds required that the train be built only from the bond money, operating revenues and federal subsidies.  ‘Moon Beam’ has called for $500M a year of the carbon taxes to be spent on the train, that by a government study is not carbon reductive and violates Prop 1A specifically. A double violation of law, but since California is a Democrat operation from top to bottom, the issue is ignored by the government and it has been sitting in the courts for years.

And Al Gore who has made 10s, if not 100s, of millions for dollars off this scam has also showed the way.  He’s proven that you can say anything no matter how outrageous and still be able to cash in on the soft headed who demand to be taxed to save the earth, with a program that is admittedly incapable to having any real effect. Al Gore got rich off carbon credit trading, and Democrats expect to get rich and maintain power via carbon taxes.  So say anything, do anything, in order to get power and get rich, regarding ‘climate change’ in order to cash in and take what little disposable income the American people may still have.

Look, the fact is that Barry wasn’t really hired to do a job.  More than half of those who voted for this radical left-wing, Islamic collaborating, corrupt to his core, narcissistic, pathological liar of a Democrat did so for what they were promised for doing so.  Here in the 21st century we should be less concerned about such things as “affirmative action” and far more concerned about all of the idiots and enemies of the state that put him into office. I’m also pointing at all the right-wingers who seemed to see it as somehow making sense to either stay home on Election Day, or to waste their votes on third party candidates or write-ins.

And it’s many of those who are now once again making the same kind of noise and proving that they have learned absolutely nothing from the last two elections.  As I have tried to point out before, Trump is not the perfect candidate, but no matter how you choose to look at him when comparing him to Hitlery Clinton, who has repeatedly proven that hers would be a third Barry term, Trump has to be viewed as being the better choice.  I did not begin by being on the Trump train, but when my guy dropped out I was left with little choice but get onboard.  To do anything else would be to say that I support, or condone, the insanity that has occurred over the last 7+ years.

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