Harry Reid

Democrats wasted precious little time in exploiting the death of 49 people resulting from this nation’s most recent, and deadliest yet, Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando. And the Democrats appear to now be absolutely salivating over what they see as being another opportunity they feel provides to them with another opportunity to go after law abiding gun owners.  And I’m surprised we haven’t yet heard from ‘Fast Eddie’ Rendell regarding just how “horrific’ this attack was.  He seems to feel such atrocities can be very useful to the Democrat gun-control cause.

But who we have heard from and only two days after this horrendous attack, was ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid.  But not to offer sympathy to the victims, but, instead, to exploit the deaths of these innocent people.  ‘Dingy Harry’ blamed the National Rifle Association (NRA) which he described as being “bad, really bad” and the group, Gun Owners of America who he said is “even worse than bad.”  And it was while speaking from there on the Senate floor earlier this week that he made the claim that the American people actually want stricter gun control.

‘Dingy’ said, “More than 80% of Americans want to close so-called terror loopholes, preventing people on terror watch lists from purchasing firearms.”  But I’d be curious to know if the loopholes to which ‘Dingy’ referred to as being of so much concern to Americans might actually the loopholes that have been created by ‘Dingy Harry’ and his buddy Barry and that have resulted in allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of potential Islamic terrorists to enter into this country?  Because I gotta tell ya, those are the loopholes that are foremost in my mind!

And ‘Dingy’ went on to say, “Yet in spite the public’s demand for action Senate Republicans continue to cower – cower before the NRA and the Gun Owners of America. The NRA is bad, really bad. Gun Owners of America is even worse than bad.”  And he added, “These two organizations are competing – seeing just how extreme they can be in pushing for more guns and fewer protections.”  You know, there is a special place in Hell for lying pieces shit like ‘Dingy Harry’.  And as far as I’m concerned, the sooner he heads in that direction, the better!

Because let’s face it, old ‘Dingy’ has never been a fan of the NRA.  In fact it was just last October that ‘Dingy’ was heard making the idiotic claim that Americans’ safety is being sacrificed to the “radical agenda” of the National Rifle Association (NRA) by Republicans who are nothing more than “puppets” of the NRA to begin with.  Now if there is a radical agenda underway here, it’s by those who favor allowing more Muslims into this country.  And if ‘Dingy’ wants to talk about politicians being puppets then maybe we should talk about Democrats and Planned Parenthood.

And it was also during that same time that ‘Dingy’ said he was busy reaching out to other Democrat senators regarding background checks legislation in the wake of the attack that had occurred at Umpqua Community College (UCC), and he even went so far as to actually suggest that those Republican Senators who were blocking the gun control measure were doing so on behalf of the NRA.  Despite the fact there was absolutely no truth in his idiotic rhetoric, ‘Dingy’ knew it would play well with the mentally challenged among us.

And it was according to Politico, at the time, that the Democrats were doing their best in an attempt to gain some level of momentum from the cumulative effect of the UCC attack, the on-air shootings in Virginia, and the Charleston church shooting.  ‘Dingy’ said then that if the Senate “[doesn’t] take action, [they] are equally as responsible for innocent deaths as the sick individuals who plot and carry out these horrific measures.”  I agree, Democrats ARE just as responsible for the death of innocents as are the rabid Muslims who commit these crimes!

Republican Senators said, and rightfully so, they weren’t inclined to support the push because it was nothing more that purely political in its motivation. Republicans bolstered their position by pointing out that the gunmen in Oregon, Virginia, and Charleston all passed strict background checks to acquire the weapons they used to kill innocents.  So the political posturing by ‘Dingy’ and his fellow Democrats were just that.  Let’s face it, you have to be pretty naïve to believe ‘Dingy Harry’ sees anything other than an opportunity when it comes to these shootings.

So if mass shooters are already passing background checks to acquire their guns, what good does it do to push to expand background checks to even more sales?  Especially, as in the case of the Orlando shooter where the FBI was warned about the guy not once but at least twice.  The FBI was informed about this guy by both the owner of the gun store regarding what the shooter was wanting to purchase and by Disney who apparently had video of the guy appearing to be casing the park.  And yet there was no serious follow up by the FBI?  Why because he was a Muslim?

Democrats declaring that we need to ban certain guns is nothing more than a ruse. They don’t want the American people to have access to guns so any lie told is seen as justifiable. The desire to ban ‘assault rifles’ is viewed as an attempt to get their foot in the door.  Because what’ll come next is whatever gun they deem as being ‘too dangerous.’ They know the victims in Orlando were killed with a semi-automatic rifle which is not an “assault rifle”.  But the point is, they don’t care, they need a starting point and this is the easiest for the left to exploit.

But the fact of the matter is that by NOT allowing patrons to concealed carry in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the left, and the anti-gunners, are now essentially COMPLICITE IN 49 MURDERS!  They banned anyone from offering a means of protection in the club and thus forced the public to be easy targets.  Imagine if there had been but person in the club that night who had possessed a permit to carry a weapon.  Now I’m saying that no one would have died that night, but what I am fairly confident in saying is that 49 people would not have died.

The liberal Democrats can try to remove our right to free speech, or our right to assemble and to belong to an organization such as the NRA or to strip away our right to keep and bear arms and make it illegal to own fire arms. But when they actually send someone to enforce the removal of those rights I have no doubt there will be bloodshed and not because anyone wants it. But because those of us who believe in our Constitution won’t stand for it. Our ancestors fought a revolution and 2 world wars to keep and defend these rights.

While all of this anti-gun rhetoric is allowed under our right to freedom of speech, we need to be smart enough to recognize it for what it is, which is nothing more than an attempt by Democrats to deny us what are our God given rights under our Constitution.  Democrats must understand that there are still enough of us left willing to defend those rights and making the attempt to take them from us will not end well for them.  The anti-gun forces may well win in the end, but they may well end up with the blood of millions on their hands.  That I can promise them.

It’s ‘Dingy Harry’, and the rest of the Democrat Party, that is what’s really bad for this country. Their hatred of the Constitution and of freedom in general puts them in the same boat as the KKK which the Democrat Party originated. The true reason behind their efforts for stricter gun control laws has absolutely nothing to do with any concern for public safety.  It’s all about control and enslavement of the people.  And the sooner more people come to understand that the greater the chance of what remains of our Republic being able to survive.

And finally I would like to point out how those people in that Orlando club, had 4 hours to devise a plan of attack, those people on flight 93 had but five minutes. And not a single person out of the 300 in the club that night made any attempt to disarm this maggot. Three people on flight 93 saved countless Americans. How many people were murdered while people played dead, at least at Sandy Hook adults threw themselves in front of children to save a life…4 hours…nothing.  What’s happened to America that we have allowed ourselves to be made into such cowering wimps?


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