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If there is one thing that we have been witness to over the course of the last 7+ years, and will likely be throughout the next 220 days, it’s how our ‘Fearless Leader, our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’, ‘The One We Had Been Waiting For’, Barack Hussein Obama, is never, and I do mean NEVER, to be blamed for absolutely ANYTHING.  So while he sees it as being quite appropriate to take credit for an economy which he claims is doing so much better than it really is, better than it has in decades, he cannot be blamed in any way, shape, manner or form, nor should he be, for the continuing string of violent terror attacks that have taken place in this country, the most recent one in Orlando, that have taken place on his watch.

And this time around while refraining from simply blaming Bush, as has been his typical mantra since day one of his prancing his cool self into the Oval Office, Barry still couldn’t bring himself to accept any level of responsibility for the recent, and very deadly, terrorist attack in Florida.  Instead, this time around Barry set his sights on those stingy/racist Republicans in Congress.  Because according to Barry, it’s all their fault for “underfunding” his efforts to combat these violent extremists.  You see, it’s in that way that he’s able to absolve himself of any and all responsibility, or associated guilt, while at the same time implicating his opposition regarding the resulting carnage of such attacks as the one at an Orlando gay nightclub.

And so it was during the press briefing earlier today that the White house Spokesmoron, Josh Earnest, said, “The president’s been quite disappointed that Congress, Republicans in Congress have underfunded our countering violent extremism efforts.” Earnest was, I guess, attempting to make the point that Barry had requested an increase in the budget.  Earnest complained that Republicans wouldn’t even speak with Barry “Almighty’s” budget director to discuss budget increases.  He said, “Republicans have not fulfilled their responsibility to do everything that is necessary to protect the country from violent extremism.”  He added, “It’s time for them to step up to the plate and do their job.”

Republicans handed to Barry a $1.1 Trillion, and now he whines about needing spending increases?  And at the same time Earnest urged Americans to “take great confidence” in both the law enforcement professionals to keep them safe, but also in Barry’s leadership.  Barry’s leadership?  Come on, he’s kidding right?  And then Earnest proceeded to tell the biggest whopper of the day when he said, “They have a president of the United States who has made his No. 1 priority protecting our homeland, and our federal government expends significant resources in pursuit of that goal.”  And he added, “And that’s something that should give the American people great confidence to go on with their lives.”  Geez, gag me with a spoon!

I must admit, however, that I am more than a bit puzzled by Earnest’s claim.  Because it’s been Ryan, and Boehner before him, who along with any number of other RINO lapdogs have paid, courtesy of the $1.1 Trillion that I mentioned earlier, for everything that Barry has said he’s wanted.  The Republicans have essentially been in charge of the budgetary process since 2011 and therefore have just as big a role as Barry in allowing the national debt to balloon to nearly $20 Trillion. Or enough to effectively double the US government debt during Barry’s eight years in the Oval office. How much more cash, exactly, does Barry think he needs, or needed, to get the job done?  You’d think Barry was barely able to make ends meet.

Let’s face it, it’s been Barry and his band of pinheads over at the White House who has been behind the throwing wide open of our borders. As well as for the appeasing of any number of various Islamic groups, going around Congress in an effort to move forward their leftist agenda and spending assets on shortcut process to bring in thousands of unassimilated people from every third world hellhole that have absolutely nothing in common with a free society.  This country needs a giant enema to flush as many of these Islamist enablers out of office as possible.  But I’m not all that confident that the American people are sufficiently bright enough to be able to recognize what needs to be done, nor have the courage to do it if they were.

Look, it was upon entering office that Barry made a promise to the American people, well actually two.  One was he promised that his administration would be the most transparent administration in history and he promised change.  And it was under the guise of change that Barry stated his mission was to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.  And what we got has been the most secretive administration since the day of Richard Nixon, and an America in 2016 that bears little resemblance to the America of 2008.  Barry has been permitted to go unchallenged regarding his need to be secretive and allowed to transform this nation from a prosperous one to one little better than your average third world country.


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