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Barry’s rather tortured euphemisms serve only to continue to make America look both pathetically weak and terminally unfocused.  Which, or so it appears, would seem to be his game plan.  First there were the 13 people killed in 2009 by an Islamic jihadist at Foot Hood in Texas. Then came Chattanooga, Garland (also in Texas), San Bernardino, and now this atrocity in Orlando. Each time the suspects were motivated by one thing and one thing only, Islamic extremism.  And each time Barry and his team have remained unable, or unwilling, to put two very critical words together, Islamic and terror, in properly identifying the motive behind these attacks.  However, Barry was able to make time, this past Sunday, to mention the need for gun control and the attack’s impact on the gay community.  And he did note that “the FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terror.”  Just not ‘Islamic Terror.’

And it was in speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room on Sunday afternoon that Barry was quick to remind them that law enforcement officials still didn’t know all the facts of the case and would follow the facts of the investigation to identify the motive.  Barry said, “What is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred.”  And he added, “Over the coming days, we’ll uncover how and why this happens and we’ll go wherever the facts lead us.”  He neglected, however, to mention that Islamic extremism played any role, despite clear evidence that the killer called 911 and had pledged allegiance to Isis. James Woolsey, director of the CIA under ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton, told Fox News after Barry’s statement: “Facts don’t seem to matter to this administration, in this matter.  This reluctance is doing real damage. You can’t effectively fight something if you can’t discuss it.”  How very true!

And you’d be very hard pressed to find anywhere Democrats who are willing to say that the U.S. is at war with “radical Islam.” Incredibly, it was Democrat senator Richard Blumenthal, once Connecticut’s attorney general, issued this statement: “The Senate’s inaction on commonsense gun violence prevention makes it complicit in this public health crisis.”  And it was in a Democrat debate last November that Hitlery challenged the validity of CBS’s John Dickerson’s premise regarding the fact that the U.S. was at war with radical Islam.  She instead urged outreach to Muslim countries, ironically, many of which recognize that perverted strains of Islam are indeed at war with their own countries and with modernity itself.   And in that same debate we heard Bernie Sanders make the idiotic claim that ‘climate change’ was the greatest threat to American security.  How can any sensible person vote for any Democrat?

Barry’s continuing PC attitudes come across as being not much more than a sign of weakness to both friend and foe alike.  And as Sebastian Gorka, a security specialist and author of Defeating Jihad, recently asked: “Did we talk about ‘hatred,’ when we faced the Nazis? Did we talk about ‘hate,’ when we faced the Soviets?”   And it’s hard to believe, to the point of being embarrassing, that it’s the French who have been far more clear-eyed about the threat facing them than we continue to be here in America.  They also seem to be more willing to acknowledge that they need a new strategy. After terrorist attacks struck Paris last year, French prime minister Manuel Valls declared: “We are at war — not a war against a religion, not a war against a civilization, but to defend our values, which are universal. It’s a war against terrorism and radical Islamism, against everything that would break our solidarity, our liberty, our fraternity.”

But as is always the case with Barry whenever such tragedies occur, he simply chooses to ignore any connection to radical Islamic terrorism no matter how obvious the connection.  Instead, he simply regurgitates the same call for more gun control that we hear anti-gun nuts, reminding Americans how easy it is for criminals to get guns.  And in referencing Orlando, Barry said, “We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well.”  And then he quickly described the attack as “the most deadly shooting in American history.”  So once again, instead of focusing on the issue at he seeks nothing more than to exploit the dead.  Barry did reach out to the LGBT community, pointing out that they were the object of hate.  He said, “The shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friends, to dance, sing and live.”

Barry described the nightclub as a place of “solidarity and empowerment” for the LGBT community to “speak their minds and advocate for their civil rights.”  He said, “This is a sobering reminder that attacks on any American, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, is an attack on all of us and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country.”  And oddly enough there was an Imam who appeared at an Orlando mosque just two months ago and the purpose of his visit was, apparently, to preach that gays should be killed “out of compassion.”  I would argue that the time for calling what it is that we now face by its rightful name is long overdue.  The war that Islamic extremism is waging is, yes, against gays and, yes, against women.  But it is also one against the West and indeed civilization itself. It’s time to call out the source of these terror attacks.

And in wishing to sound neither cold nor callous about the recent tragedy in Orlando, I have a question for those members of the gay community in this country.  What’s more important to you?  And by that I mean, truly important.  Is it really as simple as being about the gaining of some level of satisfaction from being able to force your chosen lifestyle down the throat of the rest of us or, or is it your ability to remain alive? Your answer SHOULD determine who it is that you chose to vote for.  As we all know, Democrats are all about diversity and inclusiveness, but they also seem to have sworn some level of allegiance to those who routinely throw gays from rooftops!  And once again our pathetic president claims that this this tragedy has much more to do with having access to guns than anything else. He claims that we still don’t know for sure why this guy chose to do what he did. Really?  Seems obvious to me!

And as has been said so many times before, either we chose to take the fight to this murdering scum on their home turf, or we’ll be fighting them here at home. And this attack in Orlando is but the latest proof of that.  And yet Barry continues to describe such attacks as being either “work place violence” or as some sort of “hate crime.”  Whether we like it or not what we must now begin doing is to start shutting down Mosques, prevent more from being built and to start placing law-enforcement within those Mosques which are allowed to remain open.  Until members of this so-called “religion of peace” can start behaving themselves and acting in a civilized manner, there activity must, for the foreseeable future, be very closely monitored.  There is no other possible solution unless we want to see more of our citizens so brutally murdered as were those who were out for nothing more than a good time.

And the sad fact is, if the American people are going to ever want to feel safe when going out to dinner, or to a movie or even out to a club, then they may soon find themselves being forced to take matters into their own hands.  Because it becomes more obvious every single day that our president, as well as the Democrat candidate who wishes to take his place, are far more interested in protecting the perpetrators than they are the victims of these Islamic terrorists!  And I have to wonder just how high the body count will need to go before the American people will finally come to choose self-preservation over political correctness. Perhaps that’s but one more reason, on a rather long list of many, why it is that the Democrats remain so determined to rip the guns from the hands of law abiding Americans!  WE are our own last line of defense against this cult who wants nothing more than to kill us and to destroy our country.


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