Kerry 19

You know what’s gonna come out of their mouths before they say a word.  Liberals have got their playbook down pat, and they’re always right on cue. After any act of savagery committed by Islamic terrorists, it’s only a matter of hours, even minutes, before our progressive elitists begin scolding us mean-spirited/bigoted troglodytes for even considering the cult of Islam is anything other than a ‘religion of peace’.

And so, in the wake of what was the deadliest Islamic terror attack in U.S. history since 9/11, we had Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz, a profile in absolute idiocy, warning us all not to be “pointing a finger” at Islam. Because to him, and every other spineless-wonder-of-a-Democrat, speaking the truth and preventing more innocents from being slaughtered is just, well, it’s just downright un-American.

It was before a meeting in Cyprus that Kerry-Heinz told reporters, “The worst thing we can do is engage in trying to point fingers at one group or one form of sectarianism or another or one religion or another.”   And he went on to say, “Those are not the values of our country.”  Actually no, Mr. Kerry-Heinz, exhibiting cravenness and willful deceit are not values of our country, but you certainly have exemplified them.

OK John, so how about we start pointing our finger at a State Department which repeatedly fails to vet the thousands of people streaming into our country. We have the FBI failing to catch terrorists until after they have killed people. We have no enforcement of immigration laws. We have an administration which can’t get enough refugees here from the Middle East. Tell me, who’s supposed to keep us safe?  YOU?

At what point will we be permitted to start blame Islam?  As the body count keeps rising and we’re constantly being told not to blame Islam, is there a magic number for the number killed by this supposed ‘religion of peace?’  Let’s face it, there is not an ounce of leadership to be found anywhere in this administration. And John Kerry-Heinz is an unrepentant moron with a microphone, and nothing more.

Kerry-Heinz has always hated America going back to when he gained infamy from attacking our vets who fought in the Vietnam War which he then used to build himself into a failed political career where he showed up to collect a pay check and never introduced any meaningful bills. He simply voted as he was told to by his pal, and fellow commie, Teddy Kennedy.  To say this guy a loser is an understatement.

Kerry-Heinz is a disgrace and another one of those ideological dimwits who actually believes that global warming scam while at the same time defending the right of Islamic terrorists to butcher and kill those viewed to be infidels.  He thinks it inappropriate for the infidels to be permitted to defend themselves or to even identify the perpetrators of the violence by their rightful name.

And the sad fact is, if the American people are going to ever want to feel safe when going out to dinner, or to a movie or even out to a club, then they may soon find themselves being forced to take matters into their own hands.  So I have to wonder just how high the body count will need to go before they will finally come to choose self-preservation over political correctness.  I hope it’s sooner rather than later.


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