obama 161

First of all, let me start by saying that I could give a shit less about what it is that Barry Obummer may, or may not, be worried about.  So when I got word that during an interview set to air on NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, later this very nigh, that he plans on  discussing the current state of the Republican Party and say that he wasn’t “enjoying” what was going on in the GOP, I said to myself, “Who gives a shit?”  Let’s be serious, why would our Liar-in-Chief be concerned about what’s in the best interest of the Republican Party, and is he someone we should be taking advice from?

In a preview of his little stopover with Jimmy Fallen, later tonight, it was with his typical smirk that Barry said, “The truth is I am actually worried about the Republican Party.”  And he went on to say, “This country works when you have two parties that are serious and trying to solve problems. And they’ve got philosophical differences and they have fierce debates and they argue and they contest elections. But at the end of the day, what you want is a healthy two-party system … You want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win.”

Barry said, “So I am actually not enjoying, and I haven’t been enjoying over the last seven years, watching some of the things that have happened in the Republican Party because there’s some good people in the Republican Party.”  And he added, “But what’s happened in that party culminating in this current nomination, I think is not actually good for the country as a whole. It’s not something Democrats should wish for. And my hope is, is that maybe once you get through this cycle, there’s some corrective action and they get back to being a center-right party.”

I guess I’m not sure what Barry may be implying when he says that the Republican Party needs to get back to being a center-right party.  Does he mean to say over the course of the last seven years the party has been too far to the right?  Is he kidding?  What resistance it is that they have offered up has been pretty weak to say the least.  They’ve been little more than accomplices in Barry drive to “fundamentally transform” America and help to prove Barry’s promise of “Hope and Change” to be just exactly what so many had described it at the time, a silly bumper sticker slogan.

And I thought it rather arrogant on his part to imply that Trump, should he win, wouldn’t up to the job.  Really?  Because in Barry we have a guy who had NEVER held any sort of a real job, never had the responsibility of meeting a pay roll, had never really been in charge of anything, went from being a community agitator to do-nothing state senator to serving two years of a six year term in the U.S. Senate to the Oval Office.  He was, and will like remain for at least the foreseeable future the least experienced man to ever hold his office and yet he questions Trump abilities?

And you know, far from sharing Barry’s concern about the GOP, anyone possessing anything even that even remotely resembles a functioning brain is far more worried about the country. Barry has always been tough talking when it comes to his enemies, aka anyone who disagrees with him, while at the same time being rather limp-wristed, as well as recklessly feckless, when it comes to his friends, aka Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, la Raza and on and on.  And RINOs like Ryan and McConnell don’t seem able to grasp just how much we loathe Barry and our out of control gov’t.

Barry and his fellow leftist Democrats all believe essentially in the same thing, and that’s how the world would be so much better off if we were just able to eliminate our two party system. They should have all the power because they’re just so much smarter than the rest of us.  As that perennial sleazebag, Chuckie Schumer once said, “If the Republicans want to get anything done they’ve got to come over to our side.”  On the contrary, perhaps if our side was a bit more determined in their effort to drag leftists like Schumer closer to the center our country would be much better off.

The system works quite well for Barry when all our congressional Republicans do is roll over and support him or, worse, simply choose not to interfere with his anti-America, freedom stifling agenda.  And I think Barry might be at least a little worried that Trump, should he win, will de-Obamatise America.  And that’s what those of us who have come to support Trump are hoping for.  Barry thinks he’s fooling us with all of this “thoughtful,” “caring,” “smart” campaigning against Trump, but while his followers may fall for such drivel, those of us on the right see right through it.

Barry is really nothing more than a narcissistic token Negro, or half Negro, who managed to make it all the way to the White House almost without even trying, all because he’s been coddled and told how special he is his entire life. That there remains a large number of American who would dare to reject him and his politics seems unimaginable to him, I’m quite sure.  But that Barry can look back over the last seven years and still be able to convince himself that he will leave the country better than he found it makes very clear just how flawed of an individual he really is.


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