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You know, I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be a Democrat in 2016 and know that all of your hopes for maintaining control of the White house are now riding on someone likely Hitlery Clinton.  Because I gotta tell ya, you can say what you want about Trump, but at least he’s not currently under investigation by the FBI and he doesn’t have a potential indictment, no matter how unlikely, hanging over his head.  Which, I guess brings me now to the esteemed senior senator from ‘The Bay State”, Elizabeth Warren and her rather bizarre preoccupation with ‘The Donald.’

Warren has had this fixation about Trump for some time, but things appear to have moved on to what is now a whole new level.  A level where she simply can’t bring herself to stop talking about, or apparently thinking about, the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.  And whether it’s in her public statements or her rather idiotic comments made on social media, these days the woman Donald Trump has dismissed as “The Indian?” is talking about little else, and she’s not hiding the fact that she is scared at the prospects of a Trump presidency.

And it was recently, at the Massachusetts Democrat convention, which I’m sure was a rather bizarre gathering to say the least, that Warren was heard to say, “Now, we’ve talked for a long time about important elections, when John Kerry took on W, when Obama fought McCain — very important races.”  She went on to say, “But today, we have something new, a presidential contest that isn’t just important; it’s downright scary. And we all know the reason why: the big, loud — and I mean loud — elephant in the room, Donald Trump.”  She’s so witty, don’t you think?

Anyway, Warren went on to say, “Could any of us have imagined that people all over the United States would be begging Mitt Romney to run for president?”  she then told the room full of Democrats, “Come on, okay, and look, it’s some of you begging him, too, right? It’s okay. You can admit it. You’re among friends here.”  And a quick review of her Twitter account shows just how fixated she is on Trump. Forty-five of her last forty-seven tweets to her more than 450,000 followers were either directly tagged at Donald Trump or were obviously referring to him.

And something that makes very clear just how far left the Democrat Party has now moved, many actually consider Warren a leading candidate to be Hitlery’s running mate.  Would that not be the socialist ‘Dream Team’?  A team that, if elected, would easily bring about the demise of America.  Now while America, over the course of the last 7 years has been reduced to being little more than a laughingstock, electing these two inept morons would only serve to make matters worse.  It’ll be bad enough if Hitlery is elected without a Warren-like vice-president.

And let’s face it, what candidate besides Trump would have the guts to call Warren, Pocahantas, The Indian, or goofy. I mean can you picture a Bush or a Kasich or even a Christie saying that?  I laugh every time I think about it.  And he seems to have gotten into her head on a pretty significant level.  But he also seems to have gotten into head of many of those who comprise our political talking heads, and it’s getting rather amusing to hear them make excuses for their wrong choices.  Most just can’t get over the fact their guy, or gal, didn’t win.

And let’s be real, the only ones, and I mean the ONLY ones, who want Romney to run again are Democrats and the #nevertrump crowd because he’d be a pretty easy electoral target.  Let’s face it, he had his chance, and he demonstrated that he just doesn’t possess the willingness to do what needs to be done in order to win against these sleazy, scumbag Democrats.  Which is why, I think, he’s so jealous of Trump. Because if there is one thing that Trump has made pretty clear, it’s that he isn’t afraid to go at them, Warren included, head on.

Over the course of the last several decades I’ve lost count of how many times I wished that those on my side would approach this game called politics just a bit more like how it is that those on the other side approach it.  And now that someone on my side, more or less, is doing just that I’m not about to get all squeamish about it.  Because if I’m going down, I’d much rather at least go down swinging than just lying down.  Those on the left have never shied away from doing or saying whatever they felt needed to be done or said because, as they say, elections have consequences.

If anything, Trump is managing to prove at least one major truism:  That being, we don’t need Humility in a leader now!  America is, quite literally, being destroyed from the inside by the most ridiculous Marxist/Racist Nannybots imaginable, those who hound us constantly in their attempt to force us into accepting their ridiculous and perverted ideas. Tranny bathroom privileges are but the most recent on a long list of many.  Leadership in America is simply a dishonest, pathetic union of Liars and Dissemblers because they know there is no one held accountable.

We don’t need a quiet, humble multicultural bowl of oatmeal. What we need is a guy who’s willing to do what’s needed, to put a fist in their mouth, figuratively speaking of course, one who will tell them to lead, follow or get the F out of the way so somebody else can; and one who does not bend to whiners who claim ” What if”, every 7 seconds. Someone with the ego and the willpower to put rampant leftist lunacy in its place, and do it without apologizing.  While I haven’t been on the Trump train from the beginning, there is a reason he has come to be the last man standing.



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