Hitlery 149

I suppose one could argue that those upon whom we depend for our news and information have, for decades, been not so gradually sliding further and further to the left after having started from a point that was already well left of center.  And I think it’s fair to say that those who are today’s members of the press, instead of seeing themselves as being the people’s watch dog over their government, see themselves as being nothing more than an extension, of sorts, of the Democrat Party.  They have now chosen sides and it’s the people who come out as being the biggest losers.  But that seems to be of little consequence to those who remain quite contact in their role as lapdog to the left in this country.

So it came as little surprise when on Tuesday of this week, on what has once again become the Clinton News Network, in much the same way it was back in the 90s, it was CNN’s “The Lead” host, Jake Tapper, who called presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “shameful” for saying that the circumstances surrounding the death of former ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton aide Vince Foster were ”very fishy.”  Tapper is another one of those who routinely practice that which is nothing more than the sort of journalistic malpractice that we have all come to expect from today’s state-controlled ‘news’ media.  And Tapper was quick, maybe a bit too quick, to come rushing to Hitlery’s defense.

Tapper said, “Once again, journalists are in the unhappy predicament of trying to decide whether and how to cover false allegations raised by a candidate for president of the United States. A candidate for the president of—in the midst of the attacks of scandals and accusations from 1990s, Mr. Trump has repeated an outrageous and long-ago debunked falsehood about Vince Foster, a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s until his tragic suicide in July 1993. Foster, who suffered from depression, walked into the park with an old revolver and shot himself in the mouth. The park service police concluded that year that Foster committed suicide.”  So the brilliant forensic investigators of the park service determined it was a suicide?

Jake went on to say, “But that did not stop conspiracy theorists at time from concocting unfounded allegations. Now that first investigation was followed by an investigation by CNN in 1994 concluding Foster’s death was due to suicide and alternative scenarios had no credibility.”  And Jake added, “Other investigations reached the same conclusion, one by independent counsel Robert Fiske in 1994, two by congressional reviews, another by independent council Ken Starr in 1997. One would think case closed, right? Wrong.”  But I would ask the enterprising Mr. Tapper is a murder case, or even a potential murder case, ever closed?  And why is it that Trump’s allegations are considered as being false?  Because we’re talking about a Clinton?

Jake said, “Donald Trump, in an interview appearing in “The Washington Post,” called circumstances surrounding the death very fishy and said, ‘I don’t bring Foster’s death up because I don’t know enough to discuss it, I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair.’ Right. Except, of course, you just did that, Mr. Trump. You lend credence to a bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theory. You’re right, it’s not fair you did that, certainly not to Mr. Foster’s widow or their three children. The notion that this was a murder is a fiction borne of delusion and untethered to reality and contradicted by evidence reviewed in six investigations.”

And Jake went on to say, “One of them by Ken Starr, hardly a Bill Clinton defender. So to say otherwise is ridiculous and, frankly, shameful. Again, this is not a pro-Clinton position or an anti-Trump position. It is a pro-truth position.”  So apparently Jake didn’t take too kindly to Trump’s raising some rather interesting questions.  In fact, he seemed almost offended at even having to report on it.  But I wonder, if it was Hitlery bringing up such matters regarding Trump would Jake have felt the same way?  Somehow I very much doubt it.  Jake is nothing more than one more drivers of one of the many wagons that have now been circled around Hitlery in an effort to fend off any and all attacks at least until after the election.

Vince Foster, for those of you who may not remember, was Deputy White House Counsel and the Clinton’s lawyer.  He was found dead in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. Three investigations into Foster’s death, including one by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, concluded that the death was an apparent suicide.  Critics of the investigations say Foster’s death does not fit the facts of a suicide and that there are still a lot of unanswered questions about his death, some of the activities at the White House after his body was found, and the investigations themselves.  Although there are numerous theories about what may have happened to Foster and why, none of them has yet to be proven conclusively.

So now, and in much the same way that none of Barry’s many questionable associations were worth reporting on back in 2008, nor again in 2012, any questions that may be brought up regarding Hitlery’s rather shady past should now simply be considered as having been put to rest.  Meanwhile, I suppose anything that can be dug up by the many ‘journalists’ that have now been set to work digging up anything they can find on Trump is to be considered as being fair game and would be something that Jake would be only too happy to report on.  Is it any wonder that we have poll after poll that point out just how little trust the American people have in people like Tapper?  How is it that he can even call himself a journalist?  He’s nothing but a joke!

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