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The worst thing that could possibly happen to this country would be for Hitlery Clinton to be elected president.  And yet, there are those who seem more determined than ever to make just such a nightmare, becomes a reality.  Looking back at the election of 1992 there was only one reason ‘Slick Willie’ was able to walk away with a win.  And that was because of the third party candidate, Ross Perot, who ran that year.  And now here we are 24 years later and it would seem that wife Hitlery has found herself a willing accomplice who seems quite willing to assist her in much the same way that Perot assisted her husband.

How much must one hate America to be willing to assist Hitlery in her effort to become president?  Libertarian Party leaders must see an opportunity to garner for themselves more than the typical few thousand votes.  With an insurgent spirit coursing through the electorate and voters looking for an alternative to strikingly unpopular candidates from both major parties.  Johnson has said that all of the pieces are falling into place for his party to have a dramatic impact in November.  Dramatic impact?  So I’m guessing that’s how he defines his willingness to assist Hitlery in winning the White House?  He can’t be running because he thinks he can win, right?

Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, has been polling in double digits in theoretical three-way contests against likely Democrat nominee Hitlery and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.  The party is also said to be experiencing a surge of new members. And widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo in Washington has spurred political movements that are challenging both the GOP and Democrat Party establishment.  If Johnson garners 10 percent of the vote in November, it would be Libertarians’ strongest showing since the party began fielding presidential nominees in 1972.

And apparently there has been a poll conducted by Monmouth University just this past March which seemed to show a similar outcome, with Johnson taking 11 percent of the vote but not significantly altering the outcome.  In that hypothetical three-way contest, Hitlery garnered 42 percent of the vote — down 6 points from the two-person race — and Trump got 34 percent — down 4 points from the two-person race.  Still, Johnson said that he is ready to go after Hitlery and Trump for their big-government agendas.  But I have to wonder what motivates him to accomplish nothing more than to ensure Hitlery wins the election.

Johnson said that Trump’s big-government thinking was evident in his plans to tackle illegal immigration, which is the cornerstone of the billionaire businessman’s campaign.  Johnson said, “He says he wants to build a wall and then deport 11 million people here illegally.”  And he went “That’s big government right there. These are people who take jobs Americans don’t want and whose only major barrier is the language, which they can overcome.”  He said Hitlery would “do more to make government grow and isn’t going to change anything. At the end of the day, taxes will go up.”  So I’m guessing Johnson is totally in favor of illegal immigration?

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Sean Spicer dismissed the idea that Johnson would hurt Trump’s chances of winning the White House.  He said he has “zero” concern about Johnson, who appeared to lack the campaign or organization needed to have a big influence on the election.  Spicer said, “I think the media frankly wants a third-party. They want a fight.”  And he added, “They are not going to get it.”  However, it was recently reported that Billionaire businessman and philanthropist David Koch has apparently pledged “tens of millions of dollars” to help bankroll Johnson’s campaign.  At least according to Johnson.

And it was Mr. Spicer who went on to say that there are now some very clear signs that Republicans are consolidating behind Trump and he said Democrats should be the ones who are concerned as Hitlery has continued to struggle in her effort to woo supporters of Bernard Sanders.  He also pointed to a recent poll that showed some of the Vermont senator’s backers are planning to back Trump in the general election.  He said, “So I appreciate the intrigue about the Republican Party, [but] I think the Democrats have a much, much, more substantial problem that is really bearing out in the polls.”  Johnson would, I think, cause more of a problem for Trump.

But with all that being said we need to remember that the current leader and Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, just like the progressive Democrats, is for open borders, more unlimited immigration, more abortion, less police and military, unrestricted drug use including cocaine/heroin, and believe that private businesses can be sued by gay couples even if the owner has religious convictions that would go against them catering an event such as a wedding.  Not to mention the fact that Johnson is little more than a full on nutbag!  It’s hard for me to respect a guy who’s running for no other reason than to be a spoiler and to help Hitlery.

Let’s be real here, if there was going to be a genuine third party attempt worthy of real support then it would seem to me that preparation for such an endeavor would have started back on January 21, 2009, or at the latest on January 21, 2013, not 160 days before the scheduled election.  Because what we now have being cobbled together is little more than a sour-grapes attempt by those who, apparently, wish to do nothing more than to risk everything in their effort to assist Hitlery in achieving that which she thinks she actually deserves.  And I refuse to go along with it, and will do all that I can to convince others not to go along with it.


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