Would it be unfair of me to at least suggest that the Democrat Party has now gotten to the point where it is finally beginning to reap nothing more than what it has chosen to have sown?  Might it also be fair to say that perhaps the Democrat Party can now be considered as being a victim of its own success?  Their years of blame America first rhetoric, their years of class warfare rhetoric, and their years of what is essentially nothing more than hate speech has created a bit of a monster for them.

Because isn’t this the kind of stuff one typically gets when one moves as far to the left as today’s Democrat Party has now positioned itself?  It would seem that the chaos that began at last weekend’s Nevada Democratic caucus is continuing to spread and maybe even to grow.  What began as taunts and curses thrown during Sen. Barbara Boxer’s speech have now turned into outright threats of violence against other Democrat leaders.  It’s getting pretty ugly out there!

And it’s Nevada’s Democrat Party chair Roberta Lange who would appear to be one of the primary recipients of the ugliness.  She has been on the receiving end of some really vile and malicious threats that you would think would be vehemently denounced by members of the party.  And yet, there has been relatively little pushback in comparison to how much time has been spent, by those on both sides of the aisle, decrying Donald Trump supporters for ‘their’ actions.

The Huffington Post published screenshots of many of the text messages Lange has received from Bernie’s supporters. Read the wonderful things they’ve been saying:

“Answer the phone bitch… Someone will hurt you.”

“#FeelTheBern… Speak or else… Corrupt bitch… Answer the phone you pu**y.”

“You will regret your actions… Shameful C*NT.”

“You stupid ass bitch… We’re coming for your ass… Start looking for a new job asshat.”

“Hey bitch… Loved how you broke the system… We know where you live… Where you work… Where you eat… Where your kids go to school/grandkids… We have everything on you… We are your neighbors… Friends… Family… ETC… You made a bad choice… Prepare for hell… Calls won’t stop.”

“This will haunt you for the rest of time… How much did the Hillary campaign pay you for that sh*t? Biggest c*nt in politics next to Clinton.”

There were also voicemails, detailed here. This was considered the worst:

“You should be tried for treason, stripped of all authority that you think that you have. All your property, everything. You should be hung in the middle of town, till dead. You are a disgrace to the American people. You should just commit suicide. You’re a disgrace. You’re horrible. Nobody wants you in power. You are a dirt bag. You are the reason why we are voting for Bernie Sanders.”

Bernie’s campaign has issued an obligatory condemnation of any violence on behalf of his organization but he has certainly been far more vocal when it comes to condemning Trump supporters.  Lange has stated that she has not heard from the Sanders campaign about this matter. Sanders avoided answering a question about the eruptions in Las Vegas and his press secretary has expressed disappointment in how Lange and other Nevada Democrats used their power “to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.”

If this primary season, as well as much of what we have seen take place over the course of the last seven years, has come to prove anything it’s that there can now be very little doubt that the Democrat Party has been taken over by those who are nothing less than complete lunatics.  I mean, how is it that anyone with half a brain can look at what’s happening around them and claim that it is in anyway normal?  Our country has been put into the position where it is now circling the drain and choosing to elect either Hitlery or Bernie will bring about the end of America.

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