Kerry 18

Well, it was this past Friday that John Kerry-Heinz must have thought it was the perfect time, during his commencement address at Northeastern University in Boston, to take a potshot at the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.  What seemed to be most responsible for Kerry-Heinz’s objection to Trump’s candidacy, was the border wall that Trump as proposed, as well as who it is that will be made to pay for it.  And then in what I thought was a near perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black was when Kerry-Heinz warned those graduates in attendance not to be susceptible to “soundbite salesmen” and “carnival barkers” as he argued that walls are not a cure-all for United States’ security.

Kerry-Heinz went on tell the graduates to prepare for a “complex and borderless world.”  He said, “For some people, that is all they need simply to climb under the sheets, close their eyes and push the world away.”  He went on to say, “And shockingly, we even see this attitude from some who think they ought to be entrusted with the job of managing international affairs.”  And then he added, “The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case.”  He said, “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”  Personally, if any of these ‘graduates’ had a brain in their head such a statement should cause them a great deal of uncertainty.

Extending his implied criticism of Trump, Kerry-Heinz spoke scathingly of those who respond to today’s “complicated” world by wanting to “climb under the sheets, close their eyes, and wish the world away. And shockingly, we even see this attitude from some who think they ought to be entrusted with the job of managing international affairs.”  He said that the need to engage “with the wider world should be a threshold requirement for those in high office.”  He added, “And yet the specter of isolationism once again hovers over our nation. I thought we had learned the lessons from the 20th century when an isolationist foreign policy and a protectionist tariff policy contributed to two global wars and the Great Depression.”

Kerry-Heinz warned, “Well, the desire to turn inward and to shut out the world may be especially seductive in an era as complicated as this. But it is not a responsible choice for the most prosperous and powerful nation on the planet – which happens to also be the leader of the free world.”  At an earlier point in his speech Kerry-Heinz took a dig at Trump by name.  He told the graduate, “You are the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history.”  And then he added, “In other words, you are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”  But then perhaps if these student’s had not already been so thoroughly brainwashed as they passed through their public education and their time in college perhaps they might have been Kerry-Heinz’s worst nightmare!

And oddly enough, Kerry-Heinz’s criticism of isolationist tendencies came just a day after publication of a new Pew Research Center poll that found what was called a growing wariness about global engagement among Americans.  Fifty-seven percent of respondents said the United States should deal with its own problems and let other countries get along as best as they can, which I think is what Trump has been saying.  Meanwhile 37 percent of those taking part in this poll said the U.S. should help other countries deal with their problems.  Forty-one percent said the U.S. does too much to solve the world’s problems; 27 percent said it does too little; 28 percent said it is doing about right.

Nearly half of all respondents, 49 percent, said U.S. involvement in the global economy was a bad thing as it lowers wages and costs jobs. Forty-four percent said it was a good thing because, since it provides the U.S. with new markets and opportunities for growth.  But apparently such things are of little consequence to someone as worldly as John Kerry-Heinz.  You see, it matters very little to him how the unwashed masses may feel about their country, or about anything else for that matter.  He’s a member of that very special club whose members don’t really need to worry about depressed wages as they are so far above the concerns of those of us who are just average folks.

And also Kerry-Heinz apparently saw this speech as being the perfect time to take a swipe at those Americans who have the nerve to question the validity of global warming/climate change.  He said, “With just a few exceptions – including, I am sad to say, an embarrassing coterie of naysayers and science-deniers here in the United States – the whole world has now, in Paris and in New York, for the first time accepted the need for a revolution in how we produce and use energy.”  And all that tells me is that many of us here in America are not yet quite as gullible as are, apparently, the vast majority of those who live in Europe who seem all too willing to buy into the continuing propaganda.

And after citing what Kerry-Heinz referred to what he called as being a series of recent record temperature setting years and months, he went on to say that “despite all the science, one of my former colleagues thought it would be persuasive to walk onto the floor of the Senate with a snowball in his hand and point to it as evidence that climate change is a hoax.”  And he went on to say, “Well, I hate to tell him it proves something, that’s for sure, but not what he intended.”  But the left’s notion that our planet is somehow being made to get ever-warmer and that the fault lies strictly with man has now been disproven more times than I care to count, and still boobs like Kerry-Heinz are out there trying to sell it!

I would be willing to bet that Mr. Kerry-Heinz has some pretty strong locks on his doors and most likely a rather substantial fence around his property as well.  But if someone truly wanted to do him harm, those precautions would likely be unable to stop a truly determined perpetrator. But the reason that he has those protective measures in place is to prevent those opportunists who would walk in and take Kerry-Heinz’s belongings or harm his family and or destroy property.  America can’t stop a major terrorist attack, but we’re not currently being harmed by those. What we are being harmed by is what is essentially, a death of a thousand cuts.

That millions of illegal immigrants continue to put a strain on our economy and our society is the greatest danger that we face, and that would be helped by making it harder to cross the border. But liberals who hate America don’t care what happens to America as long as they can remain rich and in power.  The fact is that immigrant-headed households use 41 percent more federal welfare benefits than their native-born counterparts, according to a new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.  The average household headed by an immigrant (both legal and illegal) in 2012 consumed $6,234 federal in welfare benefits, while the average native-headed households consumed $4,431 in benefits.

We have already seen what can happen when a country essentially throw open its borders.  While Barry sat back and watched we have had, quite literally, thousands of people flood across our border in an illegal fashion.  Europe is also now facing the consequences that result from having open borders and even some of them are now in the process of either building fences, increasing armed guards along the border, or taking some other measures to attempt to stop illegal entry.  Yet Kerry-Heinz does not see the need to stop illegal entry to this country and yet if we do not stop it our country will not be able to survive economically.  Which I guess, from the perspective of those on the left, is the whole idea.

Really, is it any wonder why we’ve been so pathetically incompetent on the world stage when we have such pathetically inept clowns as Barry, Hitlery and Kerry-Heinz having led our foreign policy for the last seven years?  I mean what we’ve been forced to watch is nothing less than diplomacy ‘The Three Stooges-style’, only without any of the humor.  But unfortunately it’s not incompetence that’s really been taking place, with this group it’s more like willful intent.  They have seemed to take great pleasure in placing this country, and therefor it’s citizens in an ever increasingly precarious, and very dangerous, position.  And they even brag about it!

Instead of patting himself on the back what Kerry-Heinz ought to be doing is hanging his head in shame for all that he has assisted in being committed against our country. The idiot Kerry-Heinz’s answer to a crisis is a James Taylor serenade.  What a JOKE!  And while Kerry-Heinz can easily afford his own security, we the people are pretty much left to defend ourselves while at the same time Kerry-Heinz and his comrades work to remove from us our even our ability to do that.  The world has become incredibly more dangerous over the last seven years, and if we’re stupid enough to elect another Democrat as president it will only continue to get worse.


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