Even before Barry “Almighty” was first elected president, his penchant for destroying all things fossil fuel-related has been obvious.  And since being elected, not once but twice, he has continued to use the bogus excuse of “manmade global warming” as a way of unleashing his rabid Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to, quite literally, go after the producers, and therefore the workers, involved in providing the energy that keeps this country moving and allows us to heat and cool our homes.  And now word comes that should Hitlery win election she fulling intends on picking up right where Barry leaves off, despite recently claiming she was taken out of context.

The fact that the United States has lost approximately 191,000 jobs in the mining industry just since September 2014, including approximately 7,000 that were lost in April, according to data published recently by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The coal mining industry alone has lost approximately 10,900 jobs since April of last year.  That’s over 10,000 fathers and husbands who were trying to do nothing more than to provide for their families, that are no longer able to do so.  Apparently that matters very little to both Barry, who lives off the taxpayers and Hitlery, who gets paid huge speaking fees, two people who have very little trouble providing for THEIR families.

A recent statement released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics said, “Mining employment continued to decline in April (-7,000).”  “Since reaching a peak in September 2014, employment in mining has decreased by 191,000, with more than three-quarters of the loss in support activities for mining.”  In recent years, according to the BLS’s seasonally adjusted month-by-month historical employment numbers, mining employment in the United States peaked in September 2014, when there were 852,500 jobs in the industry.  In April, there were only 661,600 mining industry jobs in the United States, that’s a decline of 190,900 mining jobs in 19 months.

The BLS has month-by-month employment data in the mining industry going back to 1958. In the 58 years since then, mining employment has seen a series of peaks and troughs, hitting its all-time high in December 1981, and its most recent peak in September 2014. In December 1981, according to BLS’s seasonally adjusted number, there were 1,177,400 jobs in mining in the United States. That is 515,800 more than the 661,600 jobs in mining this April.  Employment in coal mining has been declining along with the overall mining industry. From April 2015 to April 2016, jobs in the coal mining industry declined from 67,500 to 56,600—a loss of 10,900 jobs in just one year.

BLS has seasonally adjusted month-by-month employment numbers in the coal mining industry going back to 1985.  In recent years, employment in the coal mining industry peaked in January 2012 at 89,800. Since then it has declined by 33,300 jobs to the current level of 56,600.  In the full period since 1985, employment in the coal mining industry peaked in April 1985 at 178,300 jobs. This April, there were 121,700 fewer jobs in the coal mining industry than there were in that April 31 years ago.  Like I said, Barry declared war on coal miners and since doing so he has set out to put as many of these people out of work that he possibly can.

And sadly for those in the coal business Hitlery has now promised to put even more out of work and to eventually win this war on coal that Barry started.  And for all those Democrats in all those coal producing states, I have but one question for you: How’s that Hope and Change workin’ for ya?  Oh, and by the way, maybe it’s time you start taking a long, hard look at your own Democrat members of Congress while you’re at it, and ask them just whose side they’re really on, their constituents or the Democrat Party?  And I hate to be the one to break the news here, but the Democrat Party is not now, nor has it ever been, on the side of the American worker.

Because what seems to be far more important to Democrats than keeping Americans working is the advancing of their myth of manmade ‘climate change’.  And it really matters not whether we’re talking those who work in the coal industry, the gas and oil industry, or even in the construction business as it relates to such things as the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Those jobs seen as being in any way related to fossil fuels, are automatically considered as being expendable.  So while solar and wind companies go bankrupt at record rates, America sits atop vast energy reserves in the form oil and coal, enough to last 150-250 years that Democrats just want to keep in the ground.


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