Climate Change 25

No matter who it is on the left that you may care to mention, they are all like a dog with a bone as they continue to harp on what remains to be their topic du jour, ‘climate change.’  Other than their recent, and very determined, drive to allow men into women’s restrooms, there’s very little that gets Democrats as worked up.  With each passing day it becomes increasingly obvious that there is literally nothing Democrats will not say in what has become their all-out offensive to instill in us as much fear as possible regarding some mythical apocalypse that a majority of bona fide scientists have told us will, quite simply, never occur.

And so it was again, just last week, on the day before John Kerry-Heinz would sit down to sign the much ballyhooed Paris climate change agreement at the United Nations, that we had yet another leftist Democrat, Jeff Merkley, take to the floor of the Senate, to give a speech on that very topic.  A speech which he described as being his way “to recognize the importance of the signing” of the Paris climate agreement, declaring “global warming is…the moral challenge of our generation.”  So once again we had one of our elected ‘leaders’ spewing what any rational human should be able to recognize, very easily, as pure bullshit.

This particular agreement, as you may recall, was completed back in December in Paris shortly after Muslim terrorists were able to kill 130 people and wound another 368 in that very city.  And it was on first day of this ‘conference’ that Barry made a speech, during which he made the idiotic statement that the meeting would symbolize a global “act of defiance” that proves the world stands undeterred by attacks linked to ISIS in Europe and beyond.  And in proving he’s either terminally naive, or a complete moron, Barry said, “What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshalling our best efforts to save it.”

And it was also in that very same speech that Barry said, “Our nations share a sense of urgency about this challenge and a growing realization that it is within our power to do something about it.”  And he would go on to add, “One of the enemies we’ll be fighting at this conference is cynicism … our progress should give us hope during these two weeks.”  But it’s not cynicism that’s the real enemy here when it comes to this totally concocted pipedream, the far greater enemy are these purveyors of such blatant dishonesty, who continue in their effort to force this lunacy down the throats of those who refuse to buy into it.

Which brings to last week when what we again saw emanating from right there on the floor of the Senate, in making reference to this idiotic agreement which has the United States joining in with 174 other countries in an effort to control emissions of “greenhouse” gasses, was nothing more than pure leftist propaganda.  This moron, Merkley, said, “This international climate accord is a tremendous step forward.”   However, unlike most Democrats, those of us who choose to live in the real world, what this agreement truly represents is nothing other than a monumental step backwards.  And a Republican president will need to disavow it.

Merkley went on to say, “It makes clear the world recognizes that global warming is a very significant and grave concern facing human civilization on this planet. It is, indeed, the moral challenge of our generation. I am proud and inspired by the global community’s unprecedented commitment to avert global warming, to avert a climate crisis.”  I think it’s more than a stretch to put forward the claim that “the world recognizes” global warming as a supposed threat.  While there is little doubt that the leftist elite do, the vast majority of the common folk are still able see it for what it is, as being nothing more than a huge scam.

Merkley said, “We know what the stakes are,” the senator said. “We don’t need computer models to look 50 years into the future because the impacts are here today. We see it in our own communities. We see it in our own States. We see it through the impact of droughts, the impact of wildfires, the impact of heat waves, the storms, the hurricanes, the tornadoes.” And he added, “We see it through story after story of this year or this month being the warmest ever recorded by humans.”  But the actual scientific data tells us is that there has been no warming that has taken place for over 15 years.  But the leftists refuse to accept it.

Look, it’s according to boobs like Merkley that everything can be tied to climate change.  If I spill my coffee it is directly related to ‘climate change’.  If I trip on a crack in the sidewalk, catch a cold, a bird poops on my car, or if a restaurant screws up my order it all can be directly related to ‘climate change’. And it’s only through a massive expansion of government, funded by unprecedented taxation that we will be able to solve this non-existent problem.  These idiots insist upon focusing on a nonissue while ignoring the truly critical issues of our time. They will destroy our civilization before they give up on their fantasies.

And so it is then that even after global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever nomenclature the Democrats wish to use has clearly been shown to be a scam, we continue to see Democrats working so very hard to convince us that it is something which we truly need to be worried about.  But let’s be real, all of this sound the alarm on the part of Democrats has nothing to do with any genuine concern the left claims to possess regarding the current condition of our climate.  They continue to push it because they view it as providing them with yet another avenue allowing them to worm even further into our lives.

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