obama 159

So it was while speaking in Germany, just this past Monday, Barry “Almighty” made the rather peculiar claim that we should consider ourselves fortunate to be living in the “most peaceful” era in all of human history.  Now one could reasonably argue that Barry is either suffering from sort of mental disorder causing to choose to remove himself from reality and to take up residence in some sort of weird alterative universe or, he has become completely oblivious to the around him.  The world does not become peaceful simply because he says it is.

Barry said, “I want to begin with an observation that, given the challenges that we face in the world and the headlines we see every day, may seem improbable but it’s true. We are fortunate to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history.”  He went on to say, “That may surprise young people who are watching TV or looking at your phones.”  And he went on to say, “and it seems like only bad news comes through every day, but consider it’s been decades since the last war between major powers.”

And it was in the same speech that we heard Barry warn against complacency, as “dangerous forces” threaten to take the world backward. Then he announced that he is sending 250 more American special-forces troops to Syria: “They’re not going to be leading the fight on the ground,” he said, “but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces that continue to drive ISIL back.”  While do I have the feeling that once again he sending our troops into harm’s way ill- equipped, ill-prepared and with no real plan once they get there?

After it was after touting all of his world peace drivel that Barry moved on to prosperity and progress saying, “More people live in democracies, where they live wealthier and healthier and better educated with a global economy that has lifted up more than a billion people from extreme poverty and created new middle classes from the Americas to Africa to Asia.”  Barry seemed to go out of his way to note that tens of millions of people have been saved from disease and infant mortality and people are living longer, more productive lives.

Barry said, “Around the world we’re more tolerant, with more opportunity for women and gays and lesbians as we push back on bigotry and prejudice.”  Now of course he very conveniently failed to mention ‘transgenders’, a topic that is making more than a few headlines back home.  He said, “If you had to choose a moment in time to be born, any time in human history, and you didn’t know ahead of time what nationality you were, or what gender, or what your economic status might be, you’d choose today.”  Really, who knew?

Yes, yes, yes, Mr. President!, you, and you alone have brought about such peace and tranquility and economic prosperity to the  world-wide stage! They will most certainly build numerous and magnificent monuments to your far-sighted genius! History will proclaim that you were the savior of the entire free world.  Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go THROW UP!  Because the ONLY way your assessment could even remotely be said to be correct would be if you were able to remove completely from the equation the cult of Islam and all of its followers.

Muslims destructive tribal warfare has raged on, in varying degrees of intensity since the 7th century. It is their societal pathology. Muslims depart the chaos of the Middle East only to bring it with them to whichever country has the misfortune to be their destination.  And references made to this cult being a religion of peace are proven to be false almost on a daily basis.  Because it is a cult.  A cult based on hate, on violence and most certainly on death.  These cultists chose to blow themselves up and for no other reason than to kill others.

The actual fact of the matter is that we are now closer to WWIII than ever before in the past sixty or even seventy years. People in our own country fear going to major events, notice also the casualty rates of our military. Then we have billions sent to undependable volatile countries after training their soldiers for war, and it means nothing that our returned soldiers recount many times when those soldiers they trained turn their American bought weapons on them. N Korea is practicing to destroy us and others.  Barry is not just a traitor to western civilization, he is a traitor to the entire world.

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