Cruz 2

Let me start off here by saying that I did vote for Ted Cruz in my state’s primary.  But I must say that as the campaign has progressed I’ve second thoughts and questioning my decision to do so.  First, because I find myself in agreement with Mike Huckabee in that I wish Cruz, and K-Sick for that matter, were as determined in their effort to go after Hitlery as they seem to be in going after Trump.  Secondly it was his answer at yesterday’s Fox news’ “America’s Town Hall” with Ted Cruz to a Hitlery supporter in attendance who asked what his plan was to run against her.

Cruz answered the question by saying that he would not get “personal and nasty” with Hitlery, but rather focus on “substance and the issues.”  He said, “I can’t wait to stand on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton.”  He went on to say, “Because my campaign against her is going to be the same as my campaign has been on the primary – it’s going to be based on substance and the issues.”  Now I guess my question regarding Cruz’s strategy would be, does he really think that Hitlery plans on sticking to the issues?  And if he does, is he really someone we want running for president?

He continued by saying, “In this primary when others have gotten personal and nasty, I haven’t responded in kind. I’m not gonna do that with Hillary either, and instead I’m going to focus on substance.”  Personally I think Cruz is being a bit disingenuous when he claims not to have responded in kind.  And if this is truly how he plans to run against Hitlery, then I thinks he’s already lost and therefore has no business continuing his campaign.  If he is to have any hope of taking the bitch out, then he’s going to be required to get his hands a little dirty.

In all seriousness, what Cruz is basically telling us is that he’s going to be running a campaign that has its origin in exactly the same wimpy playbook that we saw utilized when Dole ran for president in 1996, when McCain ran in 2008 and again when Romney ran in 2012.  In other words, a campaign that is run on what is nothing more than a losing strategy.  Romney vowed to stay on the “issues”, too.  In other words, to let Barry’s various, and quite numerous, illegalities go unchallenged while standing there letting Barry accuse him of causing cancer patients to die.

It’s become rather frustrating at how Republicans tend to leave no earth unscorched when it comes to challengers and then turn around and roll over for the Democrats. It’s as almost as if they don’t mind losing if they come in a lucrative second.  Trump will go after Hillary with hammer and tongs.  She is a murderess who lied to the families of four dead men in their coffins. She sold out the U.S. with her greed and lies. She is a combination of Lucretia Borgia, Eva Peron and Mata Hari all in one fat, orange package.  And yet Cruz’s plan seem to be to give Hiterly a pass.

This next election will be, without a doubt, the last opportunity provided to the American people to salvage what’s left of their country.  Cruz needs to, at least, appear to have the same sense of urgency that at least a majority of Republicans now have regarding their future.  And I’ll be honest with you, I’d much rather go down swinging with Trump, than I would being bent over with my cheeks spread with Cruz.  And I’m beginning to sense that if Cruz does get the nomination, he’ll simply take us down that same well-traveled road that past Republican candidates have taken us.

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