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Perennial ‘Clinton Butt-Lick’, and former ‘special’ counsel to ex-president ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton, Lanny Davis recently made the point that Hitlery is just as much of a socialist as Bernie is.  Lanny argued that there is almost no difference between Hitlery and her fellow Democrat presidential candidate, self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders.  And he went so far as to actually wonder aloud by asking, “Would you find me something they disagree on?” He posed his question this past Monday to the dozen or so listeners of the “Alan Colmes Radio” show on Fox News Radio.

Davis stated, “They both agree on universal healthcare. They both agree on choice. They both agree on immigration reform. They both agree on the environment, on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, on every major anti-Wall Street proposal, they both agree on it. Would you find me something they disagree on? Yes, there’s rhetoric about taking campaign contributions from Wall Street, but so did Barack Obama. There’s rhetoric about her being soft on taking those donations, then she asked him, name me one issue that influenced me. He couldn’t.”

Lanny also spoke to Colmes about his thoughts about how Hitlery would fare against Bernie in today’s New York State primary.  Davis told Colmes that people should not believe all the stories about how Sanders is eating away at Hitlery’s lead in New York, and that if anyone says they would rather have Donald Trump be president over Hitlery, if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, they are either not a real progressive or they’re just a “right-wing hater.”  And Davis also said that since the two agree on so much, Sanders would definitely come to support her at the convention.

I guess I can’t help but wonder who it is that Lanny might be trying to convince, himself or his fellow progressives.  Because whether or not Bernie chooses to support Hitlery at the convention is likely a moot point.  And I say that because those who claim to support Bernie, also claim they’ll never vote for Hitlery, with some going so far as to compare her to the Devil.  And yes both candidates do agree on pretty much everything, from the raising of taxes by over $1 Trillion, to supporting the bogus science behind the just as bogus theory of ‘climate change’.

Old Lanny is right about one thing though, and that’s that these two socialists are definitely birds of a feather.  Which should make them, to anyone who loves this country, equally dangerous when it comes to the very survival of our country.  And sadly it’s the future of this country that has now come to lie in the hands of what has to be the most uninformed generation in my lifetime.  But it’s just such an ignorance rich environment that Democrats can be said to thrive.  And the more they are allowed to thrive the more dangerous they become.

And what really gets me is how it is that whenever you watch these stupid ‘man on the street’ videos where someone is asking people the most basic of civic type questions only to have them unable to come up with any sort of intelligent answer and have so many people view that as being funny.  On the contrary, I find it pathetic.  And I’m absolutely terrified because these imbeciles can vote.  And it’s these people who are considered as being the perfect Democrat voter because they’ll believe anything if the end with a promise of “free stuff”.

Democrats have it remarkably easy because they’re never made to actually come out and say what it is that they truly stand for.  And if they ever were force to, even the “free stuff” crowd would likely think they were more than a little crazy.  So it’s instead of saying what they really want to do that Democrats make all sort of promises about ‘free stuff’.  And, as is usually the case, millions of Americans end up taking the bait, hook, line and sinker.  It’s how every Democrat since LBJ has gotten elected and it’s the main reason why this country is in the sad shape that it is.

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