You ever wondered where all of those murdering Islamists would be without those on the left always standing at the reading to provide all manner of excuses for why it is that Muslim scum continues to commit some of the most heinous acts imaginable.  First we were told it was because these people are just so poor but then it came to light that most of the star players in the terrorist hierarchy all come from fairly wealthy families.  Then we were told it was because they didn’t have jobs and if only we would create a jobs program that would solve everything.  And then we were told it was because of climate change and now it’s because of human rights violations.

I mean where would the Left be if it couldn’t continue to make up asinine excuse after asinine excuse for why terrorists go on murderous rampages and seem to be proliferating at near record speed?  It was during the Arab Spring that Barry “Almighty” blamed the uprising on the fact that “middle class folks” were just trying to “catch a break.” Then, Sec. of State John Kerry-Heinz blamed the crisis in Syria on “climate change” and “climate refugees.” Of course the so-called “Israeli ‘occupation’ of Palestine” is a favorite among leftists who attempt to excuse the violence within Islam at all levels, regardless of where in the world that violence is committed.

So as I mentioned earlier, the latest excuse being used by the left in an effort to justify Islamic terrorism is because human rights abuses are being committed against poor defenseless Muslims. Not that they are committing these abuses against others by cutting off the heads of innocent people, raping young girls or blowing themselves up in the attempt to kill as many people as possible.  No, apparently we are said to be the perpetrators of these abuses in our effort to prevent them from killing those whose only sin is that they refuse to become members of this cult known as Islam. A cult that is based on death and violence while portrayed as a religion of peace.

But, be that as it may it’s ‘Stars and Stripes’ that reports the following:

A crackdown on dissent by authoritarian governments last year contributed to a rising tide of human rights abuses that has allowed terrorist groups to flourish, according to the State Department’s annual human rights report released Wednesday.

Although the report found human rights abuses on every continent, Secretary of State John F. Kerry singled out the Middle East.

“The most widespread and dramatic violations in 2015 were those in the Middle East, where the confluence of terrorism and the Syrian conflict caused enormous suffering,” he said.

“Given the horrors of these past five years, I cannot imagine a more powerful blow for human rights than putting a decisive end to this war, to the terror, to the repression and especially to the torture, to the indiscriminate bombing,” he said, “and therefore make possible a new beginning for the Syrian people.”[…]

Of course it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Barry “Almighty”, along with Hitlery Clinton, completely destabilized the entire Middle East by destroying partners like Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi — both of whom were cooperating with the U.S. to tamp down the radical elements within their respective countries; or that cutting and running in Iraq created the vacuums in which radicals now flourish.  It apparently also isn’t obvious to John Kerry-Heinz that there is something fundamental within Islam that fosters hatred, radicalism, and a penchant for armed jihad among no trivial number of its adherents.

Of course the simple, most obvious and truthful answer will never do for leftists, especially when it doesn’t suit their agenda.  The liberals just keep moving the target, stalling… the more time they can delay the more the evil of their policies embeds itself even deeper into our society.  You would think that burning someone alive or cutting off their head would definitely be a human rights abuse.  But apparently not.  So all that seems left to do is to use the Muslim resettlement system to move all 5 million of the terrorists into middle class white/Jewish neighborhoods in the US, give them welfare and Democrat ballots, and hope they appreciate our generosity.

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