Now as we all know it’s in this day and age that it really isn’t all that difficult to be elected to higher office as a Democrat. There is no great political skill required, nor is any there really any need to be all that bright.  All one has to do is to promise those who vote for you all manner of “free” stuff.  Hence the reason that we end up with losers like Babs Boxer.  And it was Babs who recently took offense when she who Babs is supporting in the race for president accused Hitlery of not being qualified for the position that she so desperately desires.  Naturally Babs responded with claims that Hitlery is not only qualified, but is actually the most qualified person ‘ever’ to run for president.

But is it a claim that Babs can back up?  Hitlery does, I suppose, have what could be described as being an okay resume, at least as far as collecting offices goes. But less face it, upon closer inspection there is very little there, there. She was secretary of state for four years, and before that was a senator from New York for eight years. First lady isn’t a political office, but Hitlery was known to be more substantially involved in policy matters than many other presidential wives.  But is ‘Hitlery’ really the most qualified person ever to run for the White House? Hardly!  But, according to old Babs, here are at least nine people who were far less qualified than Hitlery to run for president:

  1. Henry Clay: The political achievements of Clay are almost too many to list. He was Speaker of the House for three separate stints totaling about ten years, he was secretary of state for four years under John Quincy Adams, and he also spent nearly 15 years as a senator from Kentucky.

He wasn’t an empty suit, either, as he was the driving force behind the American System economic plan. On three separate occasions he helped preserve the union against secession, by brokering the Missouri Compromise, lowering tariffs to defuse the Nullification Crisis, and concocting the Compromise of 1850.

Clay also practically invented the modern Speaker of the House, shifting it from a mediating role to the most powerful single position in Congress. He ran for president four different times, coming closest in 1844, but was defeated every time.

  1. George Washington: George Washington led the rag-tag Continental Army through seven years of war against Great Britain, the greatest military superpower of the day. After winning, Washington resigned his military commission and rejected any suggestion that he be made king or dictator of the United States. He later chaired the Constitutional Convention, something Hitlery has never done.
  2. Dwight Eisenhower: Eisenhower was the president of Columbia University for several years and was NATO’s first military commander, bolstering the alliance’s credibility and allowing it to survive substantial skepticism from Congress. Oh, and he also beat Hitler.
  3. George H. W. Bush: Bush rivals Henry Clay in his ability to pile up offices en route to the presidency. Bush started off by spending 4 years as a representative from Texas and two years as ambassador to the U.S., and was then chief U.S. liason to China, headed the CIA, and of course spent eight years as Ronald Reagan’s vice president. He also had a notable career as a successful oil executive in Texas.
  4. James Madison: Madison was excellently qualified for the Constitution’s top office, because he was the Father of the Constitution, doing more than anybody else to shape the structure of the final document. He also helped secure its passage by authoring a big chunk of the Federalist Papers, and then as a member of the first Congress played a critical role in the creation of the Bill of Rights. He also served as Thomas Jefferson’s secretary of state for a full eight years, during which he helped complete the Louisiana Purchase and kept America from being sucked into the war between Britain and France.
  5. Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson, as you may recall, is famous for writing the Declaration of Independence, but he had plenty of other achievements. Among other things, he was governor of Virginia, the U.S. minister to France, and the country’s first ever Secretary of State. He was also vice president under John Adams, though at the time the office was almost completely inconsequential. In addition to the offices he held, Jefferson was the ideological leader of the Democratic-Republicans, the most successful political party of the early United States.
  6. James Monroe: Monroe is not as famous as Jefferson and Madison, but he may have been the most qualified of the three. Besides being a hero in the Revolutionary War (he was grievously wounded at the Battle of Trenton), he had an extremely long and successful career in government prior to becoming president. He spent three years as senator, had two stints as governor of Virginia, and spent about seven years combined as the U.S. minister to France and Great Britain, two absolutely critical diplomatic posts. He was then Secretary of State for James Madison during the critical period of the War of 1812, where the United States waged war against Britain in order to protect its rights as an independent country.
  7. William Howard Taft: Taft had a very long and successful career has a public servant before he arrived at the presidency almost by accident. At just 32, he became solicitor general under Benjamin Harrison, and he followed this with an 8-year stint as a U.S. circuit court judge. Despite his desire to serve on the Supreme Court, he left his judicial post to become civilian governor of the Philippines, where he distinguished himself by treating the native Filipinos as equals and laying the groundwork for the country’s eventual independence. He then served as Teddy Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, and became his chosen successor as president despite not really wanting the job in the first place.
  8. ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton: ‘Slick’ as been described as being an absolute force of nature in politics from an early age. After overcoming an impoverished childhood to earn a Rhodes Scholarship and graduate from Yale Law School, ‘Slick’ became Arkansas attorney general when he was just 30 years old, and was governor by age 32. He won six separate terms as Arkansas’ governor, chaired the National Governors Association, and played a key role in creating a more moderate “New Democrat” brand that helped the party reclaim the White House in 1992. And ‘Slick’ achieved all this even though he was never married to a U.S. president.

When one is running for president, it’s only natural for others to start questioning what accomplishments supposedly qualify any candidate for the Oval Office. And even though she has endorsed Hitlery for the job it was yet another relatively dim bulb, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who seemed rather stumped when a reporter asked her what you would have thought to be a rather simple question.  You see, Feinstein was simply asked to name some of Hitlery’s supposed accomplishments.  But she was so stumped, that she confessed she would have to turn to Google to try and find some.  And yet she views Hitlery as being worthy of her support?

And in moving right along to her more recent position as secretary of state, there was once a time when it was a bit more difficult to declare Hitlery as being the worst secretary of state in U.S. history.  But as she continued in the job it would come to be quite easy.  That despite the fact that there are any number of other likely candidates to wear that moniker.  Although it’s doubtful anyone remembers but it was Sec. of State William Jennings Bryan who resigned in 1915 when President Woodrow Wilson typed a too-one-sided note to Germany following the torpedoing of the Lusitania.  It was Bryan who thought Germany was being ill-used by the dithering Woodrow Wilson.

Then, of course, there was Sec. of State Cyrus Vance.  He resigned from Jimmy Carter’s Cabinet in the wake of the failed effort to rescue our 52 hostages in Iran.  The crash of two helicopters and the deaths of a number of U.S. soldiers dashed the hopes of millions.  But Vance didn’t quit because the rescue attempt failed, he quit because it was made.  But these two are just the first ones that come to mind.  Look back at nearly any Democrat administration and all you see is one failure after another.  Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright are two more that quickly come to mind as being responsible for disaster after disaster in America foreign policy.

So you have to ask yourself, how can you top, or bottom, such egregious records?  Well apparently that’s wasn’t as difficult as would have been first thought, because Hitlery not only managed to do it, but did it with relative ease.  She hailed the election of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s president.  This Muslim Brotherhood candidate has pledged to be president of all Egyptians.  Tell that to the Copts.  And the Evangelicals.  He doesn’t consider them part of Egypt’s polity.  Sharia is his program.  Jihad is his way.  For confirmation, consult the Muslim Brotherhood’s own founding documents and its unswerving statements.

And then, of course, it’s today that we have John Kerry-Heinz who seems to be determined in his effort to make us all forget just how much of a blatant fuckup Hitlery was.  Kerry-Heinz has done so by constantly demonstrating just how far in over his head he really is, to the point of making Hitlery look ‘almost’ competent.  Let’s face, Kerry-Heinz has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster and on so many different level.  It was one thing when he was the boob in the Senate, the amount of damage he could do was limited, but since taking over from Hitlery American foreign policy has been one debacle after another.  But that discussion is for another day.

But look, Babs Boxer is and has always been a more than a bit of a joke. And the same can be said of that other old hag, Dianne Feinstein. These old socialists can be amusing, especially considering neither has never held any job but politician.  But seriously folks, has Hitlery ever actually excelled in any office that she has held?  The simple answer to that is no, she hasn’t.  What she has excelled at is to become rich selling influence to foreign powers as well as to large corporations and financial institution.  Endorsements from Socialist Democrats who have assisted Barry in wrecking our country and setting the free world on fire shouldn’t count for much.  And yet…


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