Kasich 3

Our favorite boob appears to be someone who never seems to tire of the sound of his own voice.  There is just something that I find distasteful about someone so intent upon blowing his own horn while at the same time so blatantly misrepresenting what he constantly refers to as being his conservative ‘record.’  So I wasn’t all that surprised to I find out, because I never actually watch NBC’s “Meet the Press,” how it was that when asked if he should get out of the presidential race because he is dividing the anti-Trump vote with Ted Cruz, Kasich wasted no time at all in saying of course not.  And he was quick to add that he thought he should be thanked for beating Donald Trump in Ohio.

But old ‘Crazy Uncle’ John wasn’t done, not by a long shot.  He went on to say, “Maybe Ted ought to get out, because he can’t win in the fall. Maybe these people that are hot on that ought to tell him to do it. They try to tell me to get out of the race how many times, and now they should be thanking me for staying in, because if Trump had won Ohio, it would be over. I have a record of accomplishment, a record of bringing people together, a vision for the future of this country. And guess what? in the grassroots, people are getting it.”  Sorry John, but I’m thinking the guy in last place, with absolutely NO mathematical chance of gaining the nomination should be the one who GETS OUT!

And while I think that the GOP probably was thanking him behind closed doors, the rest of us here out in the open think he’s nothing but a fraud for running as a Republican rather than the Democrat that many of his policies would seem to indicate that he is.  People are beginning to see him for who he is; a Soros prostitute trying to play spoiler and subvert the will of the American majority.  He’s also a coward. On Fox News Sunday he gave a lousy excuse for skipping the debate (“I never really believed in them”) when the truth is clear, that with no Trump to draw Cruz’s focus and make it easy for him to play Mr. Above-it-all, Kasich was too chickensh!t to face Cruz all by himself.

I’m pretty confident that this little ego trip that Kasich is currently on will come to an end and, no doubt, will likely end rather badly.  But what I worry about is the collateral damage that could likely take place.  ‘Crazy John’ has absolutely no chance and he is doing nothing more than to further divide the party. And for what?  Nothing more than his delusions of grandeur. He has lost and has been mathematically eliminated. He needs to get out. People want the border protected and immigration law enforced by a wide majority. Kasich believes in amnesty and open borders. He is way out of touch with the base. That’s why he lost. He should go join Hitlery’s or Bernie’s campaign.

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