One of the very few people out there who continues to make any amount of sense regarding our current, and somewhat harried, Republican primary season is none other than former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.  While Gingrich seems to take some level of pleasure in mocking, and even openly criticizing, those desperate Republicans demanding a brokered convention as a way to stop GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, he makes the point that if they are successful they will accomplish nothing more than to throw the election to Hitlery.

Gingrich has said, “I think it’s pretty simple. If you want to help elect Hillary Clinton, and you want to make sure that the unionized bureaucracies are totally in control, and you want to have a radical Supreme Court to finish eliminating our liberties, then play games like this. But that’s what they are: They’re games.” And he went on to say, “There are two choices in America. There’s the choice that accepts the continued decay and continued radicalization of continued Americans. That’s the Hillary Clinton road.”  And he’s exactly right!

He said, “And there’s the choice that says no, we need an alternative, and that’s the Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz road.”  And added, “But there’s not a third choice.”  He warned:  “And these people who the self-important definers of America, who are telling us about this fancy third choice, they make no sense at all. They ought to at least be honest and say to people: “You know, I’d rather have Hillary Clinton than the Republican nominee.” Because that’s what they’re doing. They ought to just form “Lost Republicans for Hillary” and be honest about the effect of what they’re doing.”

He continued by saying, “Of course, if Clinton gets indicted, it could be worse. It could be Sen. Bernie Sanders. But they all have the same functional effect. They all empower the union bosses. They all empower the radical judges. So, the choice for America’s future is very straight forward, and I’ve just tried to be clear about that.”  Gingrich dismissed the idea that the Beltway Right’s anti-Trump faction had any real opposition to Trump beside purely discomfort.  And isn’t it so very ironic how it is that we who are always simply expected to hold our nose and vote for a RINO, but when the RINOs need to hold their nose, all they do is whine.

He said, “They don’t have an ideological argument. They have a comfort zone argument. Look, Ted Cruz is clearly a constitutional conservative. He is clearly deeply embedded into intellectual conservatism, and that makes people who are more traditional conservatives more comfortable,” adding, “Donald Trump isn’t.”  He went on to say, “Donald Trump is this unusual phenomenon of this extraordinarily successful businessman who has thoroughly mastered popular communication, who woke up and said to himself: ‘I’ve got children. I’ve got grandchildren. My country’s in deep trouble. I don’t need to go make any more money. What if I tried to turn the country around?’”  He said, “Does he have contradictions in his past? Of course he does.”  But he adds, “Trump would be an absolute outlier in the trajectory of American politics.”

Look, at the end of the day I think if you’re a reasonable individual you have to say that Newt is right.  These ‘NeverTrump’ people simply don’t make much sense and they are really only out for themselves. They see the possibility of losing their power as now being a very real while oblivious to the fact that if Hitlery wins everything they supposedly love comes to an end. What’s left of our Constitution will be destroyed. Liberty and freedom comes to an end. The party of slavers, Jim Crow, race baiters, and traitors finally achieves complete victory, and the rest of us are toast.

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