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My morning coffee damn near came shooting out my nose when I heard how is was that the White House took the time to slam the rhetoric coming from Republican presidential candidates on the trail, actually warning them to be wary that the world is watching this election.  This coming from a cadre of miscreants who have done more to damage America’s standing in the world than anyone since the days of Jimmy Carter.  And since when have those who currently occupy the Oval Office cared whether or not the world was watching?

And so it was then that just yesterday we heard everyone’s favorite White House Spokesmoron say, “We’ve on a number of occasions had an opportunity to express our significant concerns with some of the divisive rhetoric that has been uttered on the campaign trail — not just by Mr. Trump but by a variety of Republican candidates for president.”  So here we have he who speaks for our president, the most prolific spewer of some of the most divisive and vile sort of rhetoric ever, actually chastising the Republicans?  You gotta be kidding me!

‘Not So’ Earnest went on to say, “Many of those declarative statements are in direct conflict with basic American values, the kinds of values that were critical to the founding of this nation and values that have long been cherished by generations of America.”  And another thing, don’t you just love it when sleazy Democrats start talking about American values’ as if those values were actually something they believe in?  Because last time I checked things like abortion and gay marriage certainly aren’t based on American values.  But I digress.

And while Earnest, for whatever reason, didn’t seem willing to provide any specific examples, it was Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto who, in acting less than presidential, earlier Monday, was quick to point to Trump’s rhetoric about building a wall and advocating for limiting the number of Muslims entering this country, as having damaged the relationship between the two nations.  No, what’s actually damaged the relationship between our two countries is how it is that Mexico actively encourages its citizens to come into this country illegally.

And ya know what really sticks in my craw when it comes to these hypocrites from south of the border is how Barry and his team of malcontents never seem willing to point to Mexico’s immigration laws, or how it was that Mexico felt completely unjustified in keeping a retired Marine in one of its prisons for 214 days.  And who was it that helped gain the release of that Marine when his worthless president essentially did nothing but sit on his hands.  Oh, wait a minute, wasn’t that Donald Trump?  By golly, if I’m not mistaken, I think it was Donald Trump!

And it was then that the ever imbecilic Earnest went on to say, “The leaders of other countries are watching. The populations of other countries are watching.”   And he added, “And part of a presidential campaign is to demonstrate to the American people, who ultimately will be doing the choosing here, that you have the aptitude to lead the country, and that means being a faithful messenger when it comes to articulating the values of the country.”  That’s part of what it means to be presidential, he said.

It was then that our old buddy Josh went on to say, “And I think all too often on the campaign trail a number of Republican candidates have, at least in my view, fallen quite short of that.”  This coming from someone who speaks for a guy who has been, and continues to be, the least presidential of any president in all of American history!  There’s and old saying that involves stones and people who live in glass houses. And Barry is the perfect example of that.  After all, he has been a complete embarrassment as president since his first day on the job.

Earnest said he hadn’t seen the Mexican president’s comments but called the relationship between both countries critical to national security and the economy. “I’ll let President Peña Nieto offer up his own assessment of the state of Republican politics,” he said.  Frankly I’m not sure how Mexico impacts our national security in anything other than an adverse way.  Maybe this boob, Nieto, should focus more on his own country.  It must be hard work running a third world country that also just happens to be the most corrupt in the western hemisphere.

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