Delaware Senate

It would appear, ladies and gentlemen, that what we have here is yet another whiny-assed, sniveling, shit-bag of a Democrat who doesn’t seem to like it in the least that the other team has finally decided to take advantage of the opportunity to play the game using the same rules that he and his team so often use.  I know, hard to believe, right?  Apparently, the only ones who are allowed to manipulate that system to their advantage are the Democrats.  I know, weird right?

Anyway, it’s in this particular case that we have Chris Coons, douche-bag Democrat from Delaware, who experienced a recent meltdown, of sorts, and making the rather idiotic and, needless to say, hypocritical claim that Senate Republicans have “a commitment to obstructionism” by refusing to hold hearings to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia during this presidential election year.  And yet it’s Coons own party that has, so often, done the very same thing.

What prompted Coons to come so unhinged was a statement issued shortly after Scalia’s death, in which Mitch ‘The Spineless’ McConnell said that “the American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.”  And it’s those of us who are responsible for Mitch being in his current position that saw nothing wrong with the position that he has, at least for now, taken.

But Coons apparently saw things a bit differently, blasting McConnell’s decision, and going so far as to call it part of some grand scheme by Republicans to obstruct Barry “Almighty”.  He said, “What they’re about is obstructionism, preventing this president, who was elected in 2012, from filling out the fourth year of his term.  A key part of being president of the United States is being able to nominate ambassadors and senior executive position nominees and judges and justices.”

And then as if trying to prove just how much of a moron he really is, he went on to say, “And to prevent the president from having any opportunity to fill this vital vacant seat in the U.S. Supreme Court for the entire rest of the year suggests a commitment to obstructionism that is sadly a repeat of a lot of what we’ve seen from the Republican-controlled Congress during the first seven years that President Obama has been the chief executive of the country.”

Apparently Coons is in need of being reminded that the Republicans were not in control of either chamber of Congress when Barry “Almighty” was first elected seven years ago. The GOP won the House in 2010, and did not command a majority in the Senate until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Coons also characterized Republicans’ refusal to consider any Supreme Court nominee this year as “a new low” in their dealings with the president.  This coming from a guy whose party sets a “new low” every single day!

And then Coons went on to add, “To have a Republican-controlled Congress, House and Senate, refuse to take up the president’s budget, for example, which just happened last month, to refuse to even allow the director of OMB to testify about the president’s budget, was I thought a new low in terms of suggesting both disrespect for the president and an unwillingness to engage with him.”  I bet the people of Delaware are so proud of this boob!

Anyway, Coons then went on to say, “But unfortunately, this step, refusing to hold any meetings or hold any hearings for the nominee, I would spread that dysfunction into the third branch of government, into the very highest court, and into our judicial branch.”  And I thought it rather amusing how it is that a member of the political party that is so well-known for the constant setting of all new lows, actually had the gonads to accuse the Republicans of doing so.

But then, such are the imbeciles that get elected by those who so proudly identify themselves as being Democrats.  Because this moron obviously doesn’t recall, or simply chooses not to, how it was when ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid blocked nearly every single Bush nominee.  But you see, that’s what is great about the information age. We can google everything, they can run but they can’t hide anymore.  The thing is, you have to want to spend the time looking, it’s all there.

But look, let’s be honest here, I think it is fair to say that Mr. Coons is acting as little more than ‘Dingy’s’ lackey.  And isn’t it interesting how it’s the Democrats who are always able to sing quite the different tune whenever the shoe happens to find its way to be on the other foot.  Or, how they can so conveniently forget how the Democrats blocked Eisenhower’s nomination in his last year in office, and then tried to block G. W. Bush’s as well.

And I think we are all very familiar, or at least we should be, with Democrat election year rules: 1) Don’t confuse the Democrat base with facts, 2) Blame the political opponents for your failures, 3) Hide behind the state-controlled media, 4) Appeal to the “compassion” of uniformed people that actually believe anything a Democrat says and 5: When your lies and crimes have been exposed repeat rules 1-4.  And eventually it all seems to works for them.

So what we have here, in the person of Mr. Coons, is someone following their rules.  And am I the only one who finds it rather interesting how it is that the narrative changes depending on who’s in power.  Barry “Almighty’ and ‘Slow Joe’ Biden, both were advocates for waiting for the newly elected president to appoint Supreme Court justices during election year.  The spin coming from those in the Democrat Party is never-ending.  And yet people continue to fall for it.

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