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There was once upon a time when most nights at my house pretty much the only thing that was on my television from 8 until 11 was the Fox News channel.  But, as they say, times change. And it would seem that time has changed for far more folks than just me.  Because while over the course of the past six months Fox News has boasted some the highest ratings in its near-20-year history, its standing upon Republican viewers seems to have hit a three-year low.

By mid-February perception by Republican adults 18 and over had reached its lowest point in more than three years, and has declined by approximately 50% since January of this year.  And it is perhaps no coincidence that the downward trend in Republican esteem coincides with a highly dramatic election cycle that has seen the rise of Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner who has gained favor with many Republican voters, and has relentlessly needled both Fox and the party establishment.

Trump’s rather ‘dramatic’, to say the least, style has garnered him mountains of free media publicity, and no doubt is partially responsible for the blockbuster ratings of the first Republican debate, which aired on Fox in August, setting a record for the most-viewed telecast in the network’s history. The second-most-viewed was Fox’s second GOP debate, which Trump sat out.  But it was the tactics of Megyn Kelly during the first debate that simply turned me off.

Both anti- and pro-Trump Republicans are apt to have lost some partiality for Fox: the anti-camp because the network rewards his antics with free publicity, the pro faction because Trump has constantly blasted the network and its ‘anchor’ Megyn Kelly for not demonstrating sufficient fairness or respect to him. That 50-percent downturn since January corresponds to the period of the most antagonistic feuding between Fox and ‘The Donald’.

And look, anyone who has been paying even the slightest amount of attention to Fox News over the course of this campaign could not help but to have noticed which candidate it is that the network so very obviously favors.  And really, any supposedly enlightened “news organization” that is stupid enough to support Rubio is no longer worth considering as a credible news source, nor one that truly qualifies as caring about what will benefit America.  It’s all about propaganda.

And it demonstrating that what we have going on over at Fox is nothing short of a concerted effort to prevent Trump from becoming our nominee we have some folks over there on the Fox Business channel.  I watched the first debate that they had and it seemed like Maria Bartiromo was doing her best Megyn Kelly impersonation and Neil Cavuto must have been channeling Chris Matthews.  Hence that was the first and last debate that I chose to watch on that channel.

And it was very recently that Cavuto had Mitt ‘The Loser’ Romney call into his program and allowed him to take what were nothing more than baseless pot shots at Trump.  Interestingly enough, Romney’s pot shots at Trump were remarkably similar to the pot shots that ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid took at Romney in 2012.  And I think it’s worth mentioning here that it was Trump who was very vocal in his defending of Romney against what Reid was claiming.  But I guess this is how Romney shows his appreciation.

And it’s that, by its oh so obvious biases in favor of Rubio, has now managed to join the ranks of the much despised New York Times as being yet another example of journalistic malpractice gone wild.  These days it would seem that we can no longer trust much of what they say, as is the case with the Times, MSNBC, etc., not to be slanted or twisted to whatever degree they think they can get away with without stretching the bounds of absolute incredulity.

And despite being overtly favored by Fox, when it comes to Rubio, all I have to do is to picture him standing there between Chuckie Schumer and ‘Little Dick’ Durbin’ to remind myself that this guy is nothing if not a pathetic fraud.  There is, quite literally, nothing that this guy can say that would ever convince me to vote for him, at least not in the primary.  Now if, by strange chance, he does become our nominee then, I suppose, I’ll have very little choice BUT to vote for him.

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