Clinton 03

One of the reasons I’ve always said that I didn’t relish the thought of Hitlery being elected president was because I just didn’t think it would be appropriate to have a slimy creep like ‘Slick Willie’, an accused rapist, once again permitted to be slither around the White House.  But when I saw him at Hitlery’s speech after narrowly winning the Iowa caucuses on Monday night he didn’t look like he’s in the best of health.  The guy I saw looked less like a guy who would do much slithering and more a guy who would be relegated to using a walker, or a wheelchair, just to get around.

And I gotta tell ya, for a guy who’s only 69 years old he looks a lot more like a man who’s much closer to being 89.  And while standing in the background during Hitlery’s Iowa ‘victory’ speech, he looked absolutely clueless, like he had no idea where he was or even why he was there and only started clapping after looking around and seeing that that’s what everyone else was doing.  I must admit that I barely recognized him.  Old Slick appeared more than a little frail, listless and apathetic.  He also seemed to be talking pretty slow and to be thinking even slower.

And when looking at ‘Slick Willie’ compared to ‘The Donald’ you’d never guess that these two guys are the same age.  It would seem that Trump has held up considerably better than has the old ‘Slickmeister’.  And while ‘Slick Willie’ looks like he’s just about ready for ‘The home’, at least Trump looks like he’s got more than just a few good years left in him.  And in looking at old ‘Slick’ you’d think that he was closer to being Bernie’s age than Trump’s.  In fact, if you didn’t know either man you might even say that Bernie looks younger than ‘Slick Willie’ instead of being 5 years older.

And from everything that I’ve been reading it would seem that I am far from being the only one who thinks that old ‘Slick’ looks old and well beyond his years.  Now I’ll admit that I haven’t been keeping close tabs on old ‘Slick, but it seems like the last time I saw him he didn’t look to be in near as bad shape as he did when I he was on the campaign trail with Hitlery.  ‘Slick’s’ rather frail appearance has caught the attention of many in the media, and I must admit that I’m more than a little curious about how it is that anyone could such a senile old fuck seriously!


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