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I would like to pose a question.  While we know what America would go on to become, an economic powerhouse and military superpower in just a brief 200 years with whites being in the majority, would the same results been achieved with whites in the minority.  Or, like all other countries where blacks are in the majority, would it never have progressed beyond a third world status.  For instance, let’s take a look at the countries of Rhodesia, known today as Zimbabwe, and South Africa.  If we look back to the time when whites were in control of these countries, what we would see are two countries that were both quite stable and economically strong.  But once blacks assumed control of the governments things began to go very badly, very quickly.  Today both these countries are nothing short of economic train wrecks.  And look what has happened in this country after seven years of having a black president.

Current history shows how it is that America would become the standard by which all other nations would come to be measured when it came to the level of freedom possessed by, as well as the standard of living enjoyed by, the citizens of every other nation.  America would also become the home of nearly every modern invention, nearly every significant scientific discovery and nearly every modern day medical innovation.  No other country anywhere on the planet has contributed more to improving the human condition than has the United States of America.  Add to that the fact that it would also come to possess the most powerful military the world has ever known, a military, I might add, that has never been used to conquer, but to protect others and to deliver freedom to millions.  But consider for a moment, a different history of our country.

Imagine, if you can, that through some bizarre twist of fate the roles played by the individual races were to be somehow reversed.  That if we were to go back in time we would find that those to first set foot in the new world and to colonize this country were not primarily white, but black.  And what if when slavery finally came to rear its ugly head those slaves were, in fact, white and it was their masters who were black.  Would the story as it was originally written end differently?  In the new story would the black majority take the same steps to end slavery or would they be content to maintain the status quo.  Had our ‘Founding Fathers’ been black would they have sought to use wording in the new Constitution as a way of bringing slavery to its eventual end?  Would there even be a Constitution if it had been up to our black ‘Founding Fathers’?  Would they have even seen the need?

And then as we move further through our revised version of American history, would there have been the same level of determination to guarantee that, in accordance with our Constitution, all men were to be free?  For that matter, had our ‘Founding Fathers’ been black would there have been a Constitution?  And let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Abraham Lincoln, or whomever might have been president at this crucial time, had in fact been black, would there have been the same willingness to go to war because of slavery.  Would the Civil War have been fought?  Or would it have been seen as being not worth any potential consequences that might result from it?  So, would there even have been a Civil War.  Or would slavery, with blacks fully in charge and the majority of the population, simply have been allowed to spread to every region of our young country?

And then stop and think, for a moment, about all of the inventions, the numerous scientific innovations and the endless number of medical breakthroughs that have taken place which were it not for the United States would have either never taken place at all, or would have taken many more years, even decades to come about.  And what about things like segregation, would it been allowed to continue with there no need being seen to bring it to an end.  Would there ever have been the policy of affirmative action that would have, instead of favoring blacks, provided to whites the same advantage that it provides for blacks to this very day. I seriously doubt it.  Would whites have ever been allowed to progress beyond being anything more than second class citizens as blacks were able to do?  Would blacks paved the way allowing them to do so?  Again, I seriously doubt it!

And lastly, what would the world beyond America’s borders look like today if the United States had, throughout its history, been a black majority country?  Would there have been any interest in assisting friends in their time of need?  And if the United States were a country with a black majority population, would it ever have progressed beyond being anything more than just another third world country or ever become the world’s lone superpower?  Now I would argue that in all likelihood America would not be the America that it is today.  Now of course this is all hypothetical.  Thank God the Pilgrims were white and most, if not all, of the early settlers were as well.  And thank God those who worked to create this greatest experiment in individual freedom in all of human history were also white.  Because had they not been, I have no doubt that things would have turned out very, very differently.

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