Climate Change 08

Despite the best efforts of those rabid leftists everywhere, including some pretty prominent, and very persistent, voices right here at home, to push the ‘climate change’ agenda down this nation’s throat at every possible opportunity, little headway seems to have been made in moving forward in  that endeavor.  You see, the Left just doesn’t seem to quite understand the fact that the vast majority of Americans simply don’t give a flying fart about this presumed to be looming apocalypse that the leftists see as being caused by what is nothing more than their theoretical concept of ‘manmade climate change’.

And as proof of that assumption on my part I would like to cite a recent Pew Survey that reveals ‘climate change’ is much more of a concern to citizens in 36 of 40 other industrialized nations than it is to those here in these United States.  The survey to which I refer polled 40 industrialized nations and notes that we here in America came in with a score of a 8.78 on an index scale that ranked levels of concern.  It was a score of 12 that reflected those “most concerned.”  How dare we here in America refuse to take this threat seriously.  A threat that, if you believe those on the left, is of our own making.

Apparently the U.S. came in tied with the U.K. in terms of its citizens’ lack of concern regarding climate change. And, according to this poll, even Russia’s concern-level ranked higher.  Brazil ranked the highest with an 11.42.  So, at the end of the day, as the survey put it: “Americans and Chinese, whose economies are responsible for the greatest annual CO2 emissions, are among the least concerned.”  Look, CO2 is emitted every time you exhale and every time some cow farts.  And we doubt that any of this will deter the Left, mind you.  After all, they’ve never been ones to take actual scientific data into account.

So instead of sweating (no pun intended) something like ‘global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever nomenclature the Left chooses to use in describing their greatest fear, it’s 60 percent of Americans who have come to feel that Barry ‘O’ is doing, what most see as being, a pretty shitty job when it comes to protecting them from what they see as being the real danger, that being Radical Moslem terrorists.  It is these same terrorists that most Americans now view as representing a very clear and present danger and they don’t see it being adequately addressed by Barry ‘O’.

And it’s in listening to what’s been coming out of the mouth of Hitlery Clinton of late that should cause more Americans to call into question her willingness to combat these radical Moslem extremists.  Because she too is far more forceful when describing the threat posed by ‘climate change’ than she is in when talking about the threat from an enemy whose name she, like Barry, can’t even bring herself to speak.  So how is it, exactly, that you can combat an enemy when you refuse to even call that enemy by its rightful name?  It is, I guess, just so much easier to declare war on something whimsical like ‘climate change’.

And in spite of the fact that she would be unlikely to expend any more energy than Barry has in combating that which poses the greatest known threat to this country, millions of Americans simply cannot wait to cast their vote for Hitlery Clinton.  The Left always enjoys speaking about what’s best for the children, but if we lose this war against these radical Moslems, which many say we are well on our way to doing, what sort of future is it that we will be making possible for those very same children?  How is it that, as responsible parents, we can even consider allowing such a thing?  Are we, like Barry, that narcissistic?

Are we really so selfish as to be perfectly content in allowing the desires of one political party to trump the creating of the best future possible for our children?  Am I the only one who views that as being more than just a bit insane?  Are we really intent upon putting our own “needs” above the “needs” of our children.  Because by voting for Hitlery that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.  Those who want to kill us pose a much greater risk to us than does the fanciful concept of manmade ‘climate change.’  But the Democrat Party doesn’t quite see it that way, so it must be up to us to show them.

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