RINOs 09

While I have watched most of each of the Republican presidential debates that have thus far taken place, it was during the most recent debate that something suddenly occurred to me.  As I was watching I thought back to the 2014 midterm elections and remembered how it was that 90 percent of the Republicans then running had essentially done nothing but lie to me.  I was told, no, actually I was promised, that if we were to hand to the Republicans control of the Senate and allowed them to maintain their control of the House, then they would work to do everything within their power to put a stop to all that Barry was trying to do.

Well, we gave them control of the Senate and not only did we allow them to keep control of the House, but in the process, we provided them with their largest majority since the days of World War II.  And since taking power in January of this year what exactly have the Republicans done to rescue America and to prevent Barry from wreaking as much havoc as he possibly could do.  Have they refused to fund his agenda to “fundamentally transform” our country?  Not only have they not refused to fund it, they have provided to Barry more than enough funding to complete the job that he started on day one of his presidency.

So let’s review, shall we?  Have our Republican majorities worked to get rid of Obamacare?  Have they worked to prevent Barry’s lawlessness regarding his attempts to throw open our borders?  That would be No and No!  Have they refused to fund Barry’s EPA that is now so thoroughly out of control?  No again!  So, have they kept any of the promises that they made during the run up to the 2014 election?  No, they have not!  All they have done is to complain about how what they really need is the White house if they are to have any hope of doing anything substantive about the killing of Barry’s agenda to destroy America.  Are they kidding me?

So I guess I’d like to do is to ask each of our potential 2016 candidates, why is it that any of US should believe anything that any of YOU tell us regarding what YOU intend to do if YOU were to be elected president?  Being able to trust someone is critical.  And once that is lost it is very difficult to restore.  Just ask anyone who has ever been cheated on by a spouse.  And it’s rather unfortunate for those now running for president that they now find themselves being made to pay a price because of those whom we elected to Congress, a little over a year ago, and who so badly squandered the trust that we placed in them.

Personally, I’m not holding out much hope for a Republican victory come the 2016 election.  While much has been talked about regarding the damage that Barry has inflicted upon his own party, even that pales in comparison when placed against the amount if distrust that many in the Republican Party now feel toward their members of Congress.  And even if we were able to elect a Republican president next year, Congress will most assuredly revert back to Democrat control if for no other reason than the never-ending stream of political shenanigans we’ve seen coming from our Republican members of Congress.

And I find it more than just a little unsettling that so many of our party’s leaders don’t seem to be bothered in the least by this lack of trust that has become so rampant amongst voters when it comes to our Republican members of Congress.  And what seems even more bizarre is the fact that when it comes to some of our Republicans running for president, it seems that more than a few of those positions of party leadership would almost rather have Hitlery Clinton elected than some those from within their own party.  I mean, what’s that tell you about those in our party who claim to be conservatives, and yet are anything but?

I’ve never been a big advocate for the forming of a third party.  Because as far as I’m concerned any pros for doing so have always been pretty seriously outnumbered by the cons.  But I’ve got to tell you, even though it would likely doom my daughter to a pretty dismal existence, going the third party route might just be the best thing I can do for any grandchildren that she might yet give to me.  Because I figure it will take at least that long for the country to eventually, or to hopefully, right itself.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.  I hate to throw in the towel but it would seem that the Republicans insist upon giving me few options.

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