Johnson 03

Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, those who comprise the Georgia congressional district of Hank Johnson, Democrat, must be just oh so proud of this dumbass who they first elected in 2006 and have been sending back to the House every two years ever since.  It’s either that, or they too are some of the dumbest people that are likely to be found anywhere in the entire state.  You have to ask yourself, what is it that people see in this boob that makes them want to vote for him?

I mean here you have a guy who recently thought it necessary to take to the House floor and sound the alarm, warning us all about a “planet uninhabitable by human beings” and the “demise of humankind itself”.  And what was it that brought Hank to make such a dire declaration?  Because the House was debating joint resolutions to prevent Barry’s out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing oppressive rules to cut emissions from electricity generating facilities.

And it was in speaking out in opposition to these measures that Hank said, “Now I do realize that some of us really don’t care whether or not mankind’s actions contribute to climate change.”  He went on to say, “Some of us really don’t care, some of us don’t care to consider that 95% of scientists recognize that it’s man’s activities that are contributing to the astronomical rate of climate change that is occurring that has the potential to render our planet uninhabitable by human beings.”

Hank then went on to say, “You can laugh, you can smile, you can joke, but 95% of the scientists agree that if we continue along the same path that we are continuing along that it’s the demise of humankind itself – that’s the end result.”  Hank might want to get together with Barry so that they can get their stories straight.  Because while Hank is saying that 95% of scientists agree than humans are behind climate change, Barry is out there saying that it’s 99.5% of scientists.

So which is it?  Actually there’s not a lick of truth in either number, and that’s been proven time and time again.  Whether it’s Barry, Hank, or any other Democrat, when it comes to this latest scam the Democrats are working hard to pull out all the stops in their attempt to convince a very skeptical American people that it’s worth it to them to watch their utility bills going through the roof if it means making sure the planet will be saved for their children.  But the fact is, the planet is in NO danger.


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