Climate Change 21

Rarely in one’s lifetime does one encounter a man who possesses the incredible ego or the level of arrogance as that possessed by our current president, Barry “Almighty.”  And for a man who takes great pride in viewing himself as being the smartest guy in any room or, in his case, the smartest guy on the planet, Barry consistently demonstrates himself to be possessing, instead, a dangerous naiveté.  And while taking himself so seriously, the majority of his fellow world leaders likely view him as being little more than the class clown.  A view that does not bode well for the American people.  Because when Barry is ridiculed, we are as well.

Barry recently expressed his rather apocalyptic vision of what he sees as being the future of the planet and he went so far as to actually suggest that reasonable people have little choice to not only accept, but to embrace, his cockamamie view of the future.  And with very little, if any, actual proof to back up his wild predictions, Barry claims to foresee:  “Submerged countries. Abandoned cities. Fields that no longer grow.”  And also: “Political disruptions that trigger new conflict, and even more floods of desperate peoples seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own.”  Climate change, he argues, threatens to cause all of these problems.

And so it was then at the international climate change conference currently underway in Paris that Barry once again repeated his urgent call for an international agreement that would seek to curb global carbon emissions brought about by what he views as being the very reckless disregard that we humans seem to have for ‘Mother Earth’.  Barry said, “So I just want to repeat so that everybody understands what we will consider success several weeks from now.”  And he then went on to say, “Number one, that it is an ambitious target that seeks a low-carbon global economy over the course of this century.”  So apparently only Barry is qualified to declare success?

And frankly, what I find as being pretty amazing, in itself, is the fact that even Barry has admitted that that which even he views as being “an ambitious target” will likely not prevent any of those catastrophes which he himself has forecasted to occur.  But, according to Barry, what it will do is build “the architecture” for further controls.  Barry said, “And if we hit those targets, then we will have been successful.” And then he went on to say, “Not because, by the way, the pledges alone will meet the necessary targets for us to prevent catastrophic climate change, but because we will have built the architecture that’s needed.”

Because, according to Barry, “We will have established a global consensus of how we’re going to approach this problem.”  And he went on to say, “And then we can successfully turn up the dials as new sources of energy become available, as the unit costs for something like solar or improvements in battery technology make it easier for us to meet even higher targets. And, systematically, we can drive down carbon emissions and the pace of climate change over the course of several decades.”  But just how much does he really think we alter the pace of ‘climate change’ and at what cost?  This is total nonsense!

And it was something called ‘The National Climate Assessment’ that Barry released last year argued that greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change, that carbon dioxide makes up the vast majority of the greenhouse gas produced in the United States, and that transportation and electricity production are America’s worst offenders in producing this gas.  And it was according to this ‘assessment’ that, “Human-caused climate change results mainly from the increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.”  It said, “Carbon dioxide made up 84 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2011.”

According to Barry’s silly ‘assessment’, “Forty-one percent of these emissions were attributable to liquid fuels (petroleum), followed closely by solid fuels (principally coal in electric generation), and to a lesser extent by natural gas. The two dominant production sectors responsible for these emissions are, shockingly, electric power generation (coal and gas) and transportation (petroleum).”  So it would seem that according to Barry the problem lies with all us freedom loving Americans who like to drive around in our privately owned cars and trucks and enjoy living and working in warm, well-lit places.

Now I can only assume that which could very easily be referred to as being Barry’s truly nightmare scenario would be for the entire world to someday achieve that same freedom of movement, the winter-time warmth and the summer-time air-conditioning that Americans — with their free economy and industrious spirit — have enjoyed for many decades now.  Because what would that come to mean for global carbon emissions?  Now enter into the picture some guy by the name John P. Holdren, who is, I guess, someone that we can refer to as being Barry’s Science and Technology Czar and was one of the guys behind this ‘assessment’ of his.

Now it was back in 1973 that this guy Holdren joined with Paul and Anne Ehrlich (authors of “The Population Bomb”) to co-author “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.” In that book, it was Barry’s future science Czar who actually argued for “de-development” of the United States and global redistribution of wealth.  It was these three losers who wrote:  “What is actually needed is nothing less than a transformation of human society.”  Adding, “For, if these programs can have any chance of success, mankind will finally have to start treating the entire globe as a single entity and all human problems as part of the same complex fabric.”

And it was Holdren and the Ehrlichs who at the time said, “Some degree of sovereignty will have to be sacrificed if rational control over the planet’s resources and the maintenance of the quality of the oceans and atmosphere are to be achieved.”  And in 1995 Holdren joined again with Paul Ehrlich (and Gretchen Daily of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford) to argue for a world of zero growth.  And it was in a little nonsensical essay published by the World Bank that these three clones got together writing, “Many of the practices inadequately supporting today’s population of 5.5 billion people are unsustainable.”

In Paris, Barry did not argue for de-developing the United States or a world of zero net physical growth. But he did argue for organizing the world around climate change.  Barry said, “Part of what I’ve been trying to describe during the course of my presidency is that where we make the most impact — and where, by the way, we strengthen our relationships and influence the most — is when we are helping to organize the world around a particular problem.” This, Barry believes, is what his administration did “during the Ebola response” and in “making sure that Iran didn’t get a nuclear weapon.”  Now, he says: “The same is true with climate change.”

Now Barry may very well be ‘The One’ for whom we had all been waiting back in 2008, but the fact is, for a man who came into office holding so much promise, he has proven himself to be little more than ‘one’ great disappointment on any number of levels.  And while millions of those who chose to vote for him will likely never admit such a thing, that doesn’t alter the reality that he has been, as president, nothing short of a colossal failure.  Granted, he has succeeded in forever altering this country, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone, if they are being honest with themselves, who could say that he has changed it, in any meaningful way, for the better.


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