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Is it just me or am I missing the point when it comes to polls taken that do nothing more than to state what’s obvious to nearly all of us?  I mean, really, why waste the time, effort and expense it takes to conduct one of these polls when you already have a pretty good idea about what the outcome is going to be.  Unless, of course, you’re trying to conduct it such a way as to create a false impression as part of some attempt to manipulate public opinion regarding a favorite issue.

Anyway, what causes me to even bring any of this up is the fact that there is apparently a new poll out that shows there is a large number of Americans who now believe discrimination against whites has become as much of a problem as it is against blacks and other minorities.  Now I do view reverse discrimination as being a problem.  Especially when I see my daughter having to take out all kinds of college loans because she’s white, while if she was black college would likely be free.

And while I’ll admit that I don’t feel personally discriminated against, I most definitely do feel that I am, and pretty regularly, on the receiving end of some intense racism from both blacks AND Hispanics.  Which is kinda odd when you stop and think about it, because I’m one of those lucky ones who has to work to cover the cost of the government handing out all of that ‘free’ money to these people every single month.  And they have the nerve to look at me like they do?

So it’s according to this poll that was released earlier this week, on Wednesday, that was conducted by some organization that calls itself the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) that we find out that 43 percent of Americans now think discrimination is just as big a problem for Whites as it is for Blacks. The PRRI American Values Survey also broke the data down further into racial and political demographics that show the disparity between responses.

The reports reads, “Half (50%) of white Americans agree that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem today as discrimination against blacks and other minorities, while fewer than three in ten Hispanic (29%) and black Americans (25%) agree.”  Come on, do you really think that those who view whites as being racially prejudiced would think whites are discriminated against?  And what sticks in my craw is that whites are made to pick up the tab for blacks as they go through life.

And of course opinions also follow pretty closely along party lines.  It’s according to this poll that 64 percent of Republicans believe whites face as much discrimination as blacks, while only 28 percent of Democrats agreed.  Let’s face it, there’s no real surprise here either.  After all, which party is it that provides most of those in the workforce and which party is it that provides the lion’s share of those who sit around every day watching Jerry Springer, Maury Povich or The View?

Respondents were about as equally divided when asked if there have been enough changes made to give equal rights to both blacks and whites. Just under half of Americans say all of the needed changes have been made to give blacks equal rights with whites, while 47 percent say more changes needed to be made.  Ok, so what more does anyone think really needs to be done?  What is it that blacks, or Hispanics, feel they are entitled to that they’re not already getting?

Nearly nine in 10 blacks make the claim that there is a lot of discrimination against blacks, while just six in 10 white Americans say the same.  Unlike other groups, though, white Americans were not more likely to say that whites face a lot of discrimination.  Just 27 percent of white people said they face a lot of discrimination.  And as I said, I would agree that whites may not face much discrimination, on a personal level, but they are forced to contend with a great deal of very overt racism.

And look, anyone who needs a poll to be pointing this out to them, is very obviously someone who voted for Barry “Almighty’ not once, but twice!   And it’s racism here that I think is the much bigger issue, and when it comes to being racist, whites can’t hold a candle to the level of racism exhibited by most blacks.  These people are the most racist individuals that you will find anywhere on the entire planet!  And they are also some of the most paranoid and insecure people you’ll ever meet!

And it’s at the same time that they exhibit such racist behavior that blacks love to continue the myth that it’s somehow impossible for them, as a people, to even be racist.  Blacks do their best to float a definition of racism that allows them to make the claim that they simply can’t be racist because they hold none of the power.  But most blacks hate whites, that’s simply a fact of life.  And isn’t hate a form of racism when the specific reason you hate someone is because they’re of a different color?

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