I’ve never really understood why it is that so many people seem to be of the opinion that Jonny Leibowitz, aka Jon Stewart formerly of the Daily Show, is such a smart guy.  I mean really, give anyone the army of so-called “comedy” writers that was behind this boob, and it’s likely anyone would be able to sound funny and maybe even a little smart.  However, when left to his own devices old Jon sounds neither all the bright nor particularly funny.  He just sounds stupid!

But be that as it may it was this past Tuesday that Leibowitz was up to his old sophomoric tricks when he blasted Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson during a fundraiser in New York for, of all things, veterans.  Funny, usually it’s those of his political persuasion who couldn’t care less about the plight of our veterans.  Kinda makes me wonder where the money might really be going.  Perhaps some rehab palace for Hollywood drugees?

So it was that Leibowitz was a featured ‘performer’ at something called the “Stand Up for Heroes” benefit at the Theater at Madison Square Garden along with fellow morons Seth Meyers, Ray Romano and ‘singer’ Bruce Springsteen.  What a cadre of leftwing nutjobs.  Supposedly they had gathered to raise funds for wounded service members and their families.  And why is it that every time Springsteen ‘sings’, he looks like he’s taking a wickedly huge dump?

Leibowitz wasted little time in picking up right where he left off when he taped his final Daily Show appearance earlier this summer.  He said, “Are we really doing this Donald Trump thing? We’re really doing that as a country?”  He added, “He’s f***ed.”  And said. “I like to put my name in giant letters on everything I own as much as the next guy, but the only other people that do that are like 8-year-olds going to camp.”  Man, is this guy clever or what?

It was then he broke into his best Trump impression: “‘Where did I put that building? Oh, there it is, Trump. Boom. Where’s my f***ing helicopter? Boom, Trump…. Where’s my wife? Boom, Trump, nice.”  He said, “People are like, ‘I like Trump; he says what he thinks.’ What he thinks is stupid.”  And he added, “That’s like if your friend is like, ‘I would like to f*** your mom.’ Why would you say that?… I don’t give a shit if you’re politically correct, just be correct, correct.”

And then, of course, it was next that Leibowitz turned his sights on Dr. Carson, calling him “the greatest juxtaposition between volume of voice and craziness of sh** he says.”  He said, “He says the softest spoken crazy shit I’ve ever heard.”  And he went on to say, “You watch him in the debates – ‘All I said was Obamacare is like slavery… When I was young I nearly killed a nun with a… hammer.’”  Man, is that funny or what? No, not really.  More high school-like humor than anything else.

And then when it was finally time for Leibowitz to exist stage left, Springsteen returned with guitar in hand to put on yet another demonstration by one who should have long ago realized that any further attempts at singing would be nothing more than a complete waste of time.  But like most of his ilk, they never really seem to grasp when it’s time to quit as they have become so addicted to the limelight.  And these days Bruce can carry a tune with a wheelbarrow.

You know, as a veteran myself I view any money raised by the likes of these pathetic scumbags as being pretty severely tainted, and as such I would want nothing to do with it.  Because I know that the only reason any of them even took part in this effort to raise money, was not because of any feeling of respect they might possess for any of those who have served.  It was only because it provided them with an opportunity to demonstrate just how pathetic they really are.


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