RINOs 06

So while those in government who claim to be member of the Republican Party continue to expand in number, more by default than as a result of any specific deed accomplished, it’s those who align themselves with the Democrat Party that continue to dwindle in number.  And yet, even with this increase in numbers there has been no effort undertaken to stop, or to even slow, the country’s steady movement left.  Such reluctance to act has only served to encourage the Democrats who, even though fewer in number, have met with much success in their mission to destroy this nation.

One can argue, I suppose, the fortunes of the Democrat Party changed with the arrival of Barry.  Although, at the time, many predicted something quite different would take place. The damage that Barry has inflicted upon the Democrats in Congress, as well as to those in a number of state legislatures, has been widely reported on over the last 7 years.  But of course it has been downplayed, or ignored entirely, by many on the left.  But this past Wednesday, and for the first time, it was nicely summed up nicely in just 140 characters (or less) what Barry has achieved.

This rather brilliant, and albeit quite brief, summation came from Republican operative Rory Cooper who managed to tie what can be described as being a rather nice little bow on the Democrats’ fall from grace with a Tweet that simply tallied up all of the many losses.  “Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats,” Cooper tweeted. “That’s some legacy.”  We all heard about the losses experienced by the Democrats but to see them written out in such a manner, the totals seem quite amazing.

And as election results began to come in after this past Tuesday’s elections we saw that the trend appears to be continuing.  That trend being, of course, that the Republican Party had again been quite successful in expanding on 2014 mid-term gains at the state level.  Republicans maintained their control of the Virginia senate, despite the best efforts of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and tons of money spent by the likes of Mike Bloomberg, as well as the New York senate.  Republicans also held on to their majorities in both Mississippi houses while picking up seats in Pennsylvania.

And in what’s being called a surprise by many, and a win reminiscent of Larry Hogan’s 2014 win as governor of The People’s Republic of Maryland, is how easily Republican businessman Matt Bevin handily defeated Democrat Attorney General Jack Conway for the governor’s seat in Kentucky, becoming only the second Republican to hold that office in the last 40 years. Bevin’s win makes a total of 12 Republican governor pick-ups since Barry first took office.  Again, a rather significant string of losses that are said to be all the fault of the one who we had supposedly all been waiting for.

Republicans took control of a record 67 state chambers in the 2014 mid-term elections, and they continue to control both chambers in 23 states.  Meanwhile, Democrats have complete control of just seven, which leave the remaining ones with power being divided between the parties. And Republicans of course hold majorities in Congress, where Democrats hold just 44 Senate seats and 188 House seats.  And yet despite the fact that their numbers have been increasing, the direction is which our country seems to be headed has changed very little, if at all.

And yet, what have the Republicans managed to do with this growing power that they possess?  Not much of anything, really!  Other than appearing to be only too happy to assist Barry “Almighty” in doing just about anything he wants to do in his ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform’ this country.  Now granted, while we have seen most of such assistance coming more from those Republicans inside the beltway, there has been more than a few out beyond the beltway who have also been willing to assist Barry in his mission to destroy our country.

And frankly, I’m a bit perplexed why it is that people continue to vote for Republicans, especially when we continue get little or nothing in return.  They make all manner of promises with apparently no intension of following through.  The tactic worked quite well for them in both 2010 and again in 2014.  In Washington there has been little or no push back against the rabid spending of Barry “Almighty”, and even less has been accomplished as far as reversing the course that this country has been on for decades, but especially over the course of the last seven years.

I’m at my wits end.  While it sounds encouraging to hear how it is that the Democrats have been getting their collective ass handed to them over the last few election cycles, what do we on the right have to show for any if it?  Jack shit, that’s what!  What, are we just supposed to walk around with our chests all puffed out because we own more states?  Or that we have more House seats than at any time since World War II?  Big deal!  How about we flex our political muscle a little?  How about we DO something for the country?  But nope, it’s just more of us to cower in the corner!

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