Hitlery 97

There’s an old adage that applies to politics probably better than it does to anything else. It’s the one that says, “There’s no honor among thieves.”  But what is not mentioned in that old adage is anything about how Democrats take that concept to a whole new level.  The reason I say that is because we now have Hitlery operatives busy digging up dirt on her potential primary challenger, ‘Slow Joe’ Biden.  David Brock, founder of the pro-Clinton super PAC ‘Correct the Record’, is overseeing the massive anti-‘Slow Joe’ opposition research effort.

Brock, by the way, is also the founder of Media Matters For America, which is a George Soros front group, and a leading anti-Republican smear merchant.  Brock is right at home in Hitlery-World.  His mentor is none other than Sidney Blumenthal who, as it just so happens, ran a crack oppo-research shop for Hitlery in 2008, circulating opposition research about then-Senator Barry “Almighty.” Strangely enough, it was Blumenthal’s group that many believe that was responsible for starting the rumors about Barry not being born in the United States.

And it’s according to New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman that this particular group, ‘Correct the Record’, has been working very diligently for at least a month.  ‘Slow Joe’ has not yet even announced a decision on whether to run and yet the mining for potential political gold continues unabated.  And while Hitlery has yet to directly attack old ‘Slow Joe’, it would appear that the campaign is not wanting to take any chances as it works to stockpile plenty of ammunition to have at the ready should old ‘Slow Joe’ decide that he’s ready for one more go.

And it’s according to the magazine that ‘Correct the Record’ might have struck a bit of gold, having apparently found information on Slow Joe’s ties to Wall Street, his ‘no’ vote on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, and his role in the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill saga when he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991.  And despite the fact that all this muckraking now underway has become pretty common knowledge, I’m sure no one is the least bit surprised to find out that Hitlery’s campaign has thus far declined to comment on it.

It would seem that Hitlery’s campaign is concerned, and with good reason, about the possibly of ‘Slow Joe’ stepping into the race.  That would be because several recent polls show that he would draw support from Hitlery, but not from her other rival, Bernie Sanders.  An WSJ/NBC poll released Sunday showed this trend. Hitlery still leads in the Democrat contest in Iowa, but the poll shows she would suffer if Biden decides to run. In New Hampshire, she is already behind Sanders and having Biden in the race only makes her fall that much more severe:

In Iowa (without Biden):

  • Hillary Clinton: 47 %
  • Bernie Sanders 36%

(With Biden)

  • Clinton 33%
  • Sanders 28%
  • Biden 22%

In New Hampshire (without Biden):

  • Sanders 48%
  • Clinton 39%

(With Biden)

  • Sanders 42%
  • Clinton 28%
  • Biden 18%

So while the knives remain firmly in their sheaths, it’s rather obvious that at least the sharpening process continues so that should the occasion arise that they will be needed, they will be able to inflict the maximum amount of political damage.  And should Hitlery start wielding these political daggers, it will become rather interesting, rather quickly, to watch how it is that things will play out, should ‘Slow Joe’ decide to throw his hat into the ring.  Because it’s not as if there isn’t plenty of dirt on Hitlery that would be all that difficult to uncover.


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