I think we all know how it is that Democrats like to spend a great deal of their time rewriting history all in an effort to portray themselves as being something other than what they really were at any specific point in time.  Regardless of whether they’re talking about slavery, segregation, the KKK, Islamic terrorism, Sharia Law, allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons or, as is more recently the case, our economy, they rely on the telling of half-truths, outlandish exaggerations and/or outright lies.

A recent example of that was again provided to us by Hitlery Clinton, who recently made the claim that the “economy just works better when we have a Democrat in the White House.”  Now I ask you, how can anyone of reasonable intelligence look back over the last 7 years and say that the economy has been working better?  Better than what, exactly?  And if we compare the economy of the last 7 years to, say, the Reagan economy, which would appear to have ‘worked better’?

So anyway, it was during a speech at the New Hampshire Democrat Convention just this past Saturday that old Hitlery told those few who had gathered to hear her, “You know, I say this without trying to be partisan or personal but the economy just works better when we have a Democrat in the White House.”  No, say it isn’t so, Hitlery trying not to be partisan?  She’s got to be kidding, right?  Let’s face it, who is it that is more partisan than Hitlery Clinton?  No one but perhaps Barry “Almighty!”

It was then that Hitlery went on to recall her husband, ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton’s time as president.  She said, “You know when my husband put people first. In the 1992 campaign, where New Hampshire was so supportive, when he got into the White House he realized he had inherited real economic problems from his Republican predecessors.” She went on to add, “That seems to happen, have you noticed?”  So we’re expects to believe that our economy has been “working better” of late?

Now what she very conveniently left out of her rather idiotic little rant, was the fact that there was a Republican Congress for most of ‘Slick’s’ tenure which proved to be much better at keeping him on a rather short leash than our present Republican controlled Congress has been at keeping Barry restrained.  What she also fails to mention that every budget that Slick sent to Congress had a deficit, and it was the Congress that balanced the budget which had a positive impact on the economy.

And then we have that other Democrat presidential hopeful, and apparently the current Democrat front-runner, devout socialist Bernie Sanders.  Bernie has said that if he is elected president his first budget would not be balanced and that “taxes will go up.”  Sanders was describing himself as being a “deficit hawk” on Bloomberg Politics’ “With All Due Respect”, when he was asked if as president if the first budget he would submit would be a balanced budget.

Bernie responded saying, “No, no. Arguably you could not do that.”  And it was then that he proceeded to launched into an attack on last week’s Wall Street Journal article calling his proposals “the largest peacetime expansion of government in modern American history.”  Bernie seemed to take offense to the article and was quick to claim that it was more than just a little factually incorrect.  He said, “The Wall Street Journal was dead wrong on a number of points that they were making.”

He said, “They suggest that I think I’m spending $18 trillion over a 10 year period, $15 (trillion) of that was on healthcare. What they forgot to say is that when we move toward a national healthcare program, the kind of program that exists on every other major country on earth, the cost per capita on healthcare will go significantly down.”  And he continued, “So yes, taxes would go up but you would not have to pay private health insurance as an individual or as a business.”

So there you have it, the two leading Democrat presidential candidates for 2016.  Quite the duo.  One advocating the same economic strategy that for the last 7 years has resulted in us having more people than ever before out of the nation’s workforce while at the same forcing more people than ever before into government dependency.  And the other claiming that with him as president taxes are guaranteed to go even higher while spending would continue to go even further through the roof!

Now I’m trying to understand why anyone who is truly interested in getting our country headed back in the right direction could ever bring themselves to vote for either of these mentally-challenged, patently dishonest, leftwing loons?  I mean, come on, people, all you need to do is to listen to what these two are saying, and I mean really listen, to come to the conclusion that what they have in mind for this country will only worsen that which Barry has already done to America.


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