There’s an old adage that’s credited, I think, to Mark Twain which says, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”  I think that same rule, although stated a bit differently, could very easily be made to apply to Democrats.  It would say, “Better to let think people think you are in favor of the wholesale butchering of babies, than to take any actions that would remove any and all doubt.”

The reason I say that is because earlier this week when the House Republicans decided to show the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos during a hearing, it was the Democrats, of course, who tried their best to block them from doing so.  Which, sort of, begs the question, what are the Democrats so afraid of?  Is it that they fear that they will finally be exposed for the vile and soulless creatures that they really are?  I mean why else try so hard to keep these videos from being seen?

Let’s be honest here, regardless of your position on abortion, it is difficult, if not impossible, to deny that what we have here, on these disgusting videos, is nothing short of proof positive of how that which is nothing more than a criminal enterprise is so deeply involved in what has to be the most disgusting exercise in barbarism since the days of Nazi Germany.  And yet Democrats continue to see nothing wrong as they insist upon shooting the messenger while ignoring the message.

I mean, really, what does it say about those who so proudly wear the moniker of, ‘Democrat’ and yet can so casually ignore such disgusting behavior?  Just how twisted must one be to see absolutely nothing wrong with something as heinous as that which is so clearly revealed in these videos?  How can anyone excuse the harvesting of organs from the most defenseless among us?  I can’t help but wonder how it is that anyone who can ignore such barbarism is able to sleep at night.

Now this hearing to which I refer, where these videos were shown, was in the House subcommittee on health of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.  And its purpose was to consider proposals to expand protections for unborn children who survive an abortion and also the federal ban on partial birth abortion.  The Democrats have long placed a very high priority on free and unlimited access to abortion.  And their actions regarding these videos make it clear that as a party Democrats have no soul.

Reps. Marsha Blackburn and Renee Elmers, both Republicans, want the Congress to give states the right to withhold federal funding, especially Medicaid funding, if an abortion provider is even suspected to violating either the Infants Born Alive Protection Act or the Partial Birth Abortion Act.  And you have to ask, why is it that anyone would choose to oppose such a very reasonable sounding measures?  I would seem to be a no-brainer.  But apparently not for Democrats.

Subcommittee chairman Rep. Joe Pitts, Republican opened the hearing by showing the video of Holly O’Donnell, the StemExpress whistle-blower talking about how a Planned Parenthood staff member showed her starting a baby’s heart. Other footage shown by Pitts showed Planned Parenthood personnel talking about intact fetuses, leading some to believe the children were born alive.  That we are talking about such barbaric things taking place in this country is most troubling.

And it was during a committee hearing last week that witnesses said Democrats actually refused even to even look at these videos, as if doing so would somehow alter the fact that they actually exist.  In the one observer, some of them looked, others looked away and still others “panicked.”  They huddled together and then tried to have sub-committee chairman Pitts stop them. But he refused.  Democrats shouldn’t have any trouble watching that which they so enthusiastically endorse.

As was to be expected, the Democrats spent most of the hearing attacking the videos and also attacking David Daleiden and his group for supposedly violating the law. They repeatedly called the videos “heavily edited” and called Daleiden an “anti-abortion extremist.” They also insisted that the bills under consideration were only for the purposes of closing down Planned Parenthood permanently, something they claim would cause a national crisis in healthcare for poor women.

The Democrats also made the idiotic claim that come of their staff members had carried out an investigation and actually found “no evidence” or any of the charges leveled by David Daleiden and his CMP colleagues.  But Rep. Tim Murphy, a Republican, said such conclusions were impossible, since the investigation was only in the preliminary stages.  But hey, Democrats are not above telling a few lies especially if they involve what is deemed as being a favorite cause of theirs.

Democrats, including their ‘current’ presidential frontrunner, like to portray Planned Parenthood as being an organization almost deserving of Sainthood for all of the wonderful ‘health’ services that it provides to women.  But unfortunately for Democrats there’s far more fiction than fact to their claim.  Because the fact is that Planned Parenthood is little more than an abortion factory.  It is the largest provider of abortions in the nation, murdering over 300,000 babies annually.

And apparently the act of murdering babies simply isn’t enough for these sadistic perpetrators of infanticide. They feel compelled to allow things to progress even further.  In an effort to boost their bottom line, this organization has had no problem with the selling of ‘baby body parts’ and, apparently, have been doing so for quite some time now.  And this appears to be an activity that Democrats, again including their presidential front runner, are perfectly ok with.

And, you know, for the life of me I just can’t figure out what could possibly convince someone that it is acceptable behavior to murder infants.  Or how the killing of a baby can be said to be, in any way, related to “women’s health issues.”  And have we, in this country, succeeded in raising a generation of women, our prospective mothers, who are so cold, so callous and so unfeeling as to treat the murder of the child within her, right up to the time of giving birth, as the equivalent of an appendectomy?


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