obama 069

The longer the presidency of Barack Obama goes on, the deeper this country and, to a certain extent, the rest of the world as well continue to descend into the level of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us all about.  Especially as it would seem that Barry continues trying to outdo himself, and there seems to be nothing that he considers as being too outrageous.  And because no one has yet attempted to stop him, he has seen no reason not to continue on with what he’s been doing.

Least of all congressional Democrats who continue to demonstrate their blatantly misguided eagerness to put politics above all else, even the protection of the homeland and the safety of the American people.  But at the same time the leadership on our side hasn’t shown itself to be very eager to make any sort of an attempt to prevent Barry from doing anything that he has pretty much wanted to do.  Everything from enacting oppressive environmental rules to handing Iran the bomb.

And I must admit that I have gotten to the point where I now simply ignore the little voice in my head that has been whispering to me for the last six and a half year, that I should stop worrying about things, because the American people will eventually wakeup to what it was they have allowed to take place.  Because as of yet, I have seen no indication of such an eventuality.  People seem to be quite content with where the country and the world seem to be headed thanks to Barry “Almighty.”

And so as we now prepare ourselves to elect a new president, in which direction do you suppose we will turn?  Or, at this point, does it really even matter? To be perfectly honest with you, even I’m not quite sure anymore.  We’ve have now been made to fall so very far, with hardly anyone taking any notice, that I doubt we will ever be able to maneuver ourselves back into the sunlight.  Too many now see that as simply requiring too much work, too much effort, to even be attempted.

So unless we do something we will likely remain on our current trek, plunging further and further into the abyss called socialism, having children being born along the way who will never know anything but the darkness that we, their parents, allowed to engulf our nation.  And it’s so sad what we have allowed to take place here and with so few showing and level of regret.  And it’s far too many of my fellow countrymen who seem to actually be quite jubilant about where this country now finds itself.

And, you know, I’m sure the Democrats as laughing their asses off behind closed doors about how easy it has been for them to convince so many of us to turn against our very own country.   I can almost see them as they go about slapping each other on the back.  This next election will likely be the last one to afford us the opportunity to have the last laugh by taking our country back.  But I can’t help but wonder if there remains enough of us who possess the requisite interest in doing so.

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