Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts as she listens to a question from the audience during a campaign event at Uncle Nancy's Coffee in Newton, Iowa

Although you’d be hard pressed to find very many who are willing to admit it, rumors do now seem to be flying about how Hitlery Rodham Clinton’s viability as a 2016 presidential candidate is now being called into question.  But make no mistake there does still remain a rather sizable crowd of diehards who continue to put forward a happy face as they suggest that we simply needs to move on as there is simply nothing to see here regarding Hitlery’s rather impressive list of scandals.

But despite all these many voices of encouragement and the continued, and very enthusiastic, claims about how there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you simply cannot ignore the fact that the old girl’s poll numbers continue to fall.  Especially over her inability, and her unwillingness, to properly address her continuing email scandal which has now lead wary party supporters to at least start looking for a possible white knight to come riding to the rescue should her plunging poll numbers continue.

Robert Shrum, some guy who I’m told is some sort of a Democrat strategist, told The New York Times, “You have Democrats beginning to panic about the one thing that a lot of them never worried about, which was Clinton’s electability in the general election.”  He went on to say, “You still have to think of her as the odds-on favorite for the Democratic nomination.”  He added, “But the challenge she faces in the general election is both the trust problem and the likability problem.”

Besides ‘Slow Joe’ Biden perhaps deciding to throw he ragged old ass into the race, other names being bandied about are none other that John Kerry-Heinz, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, and even the rather rotund Al ‘Chicken Little’ Gore.  It would seem to me, as a guy looking in from the outside, that if these clowns are the best the Democrats can come up with then there may yet be hope for a Republican victory next November.  But that said, most Democrats will vote for ANY Democrat.

And it was Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democrat Party, who told the Times, “Biden and Kerry are the kind of highly respected, well-known figures that, if he were to jump in the race during the primaries in an emergency kind of way, they could attract a lot of voters very quickly.”  Well-known maybe, but highly respected?  What the Hell is this clown smoking?  And let’s be real, the ONLY reason either one of these morons are all that “well-known” is because they’re both morons!

And supporters of Hitlery are also more than a bit nervous because of Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is now attracting some pretty significant crowds at campaign events.  With the possibility, however remote, of Sanders leading the Democrat ticket next year, a number of Democrat officials fear a GOP rout. Sanders is a devout socialist and is considered too liberal.  But going by what I have heard from Hitlery on campaign trail I don’t see much of a difference.

And then it was another Democrat leader, of a sort, Garnet Coleman, a Texas state lawmaker as well as a Democrat national committeeman, who told the Times, “If party leaders see a scenario next winter where Bernie Sanders has a real chance at the Democratic nomination, I think there’s no question that leaders will reach out to Vice President Biden or Sec. of State Kerry or even Gore about entering the primaries.”  Imagine having these guys are your bench.  Ouch!!

Some strategists are now suggesting that ‘Slow Joe’ might be planning an “11th-hour rescue mission during the winter primaries” if Hitlery’s numbers do not improve.  But ‘Slow Joe’ said that he was not certain whether he and his family had the “emotional energy” for another campaign.  In addition, some of Kerry-Heinz’s ‘friends’ have reportedly told the Times that he would “hear out” party leaders if it appeared likely that Sanders would capture the nomination.

In speaking of Kerry-Heinz, John Sasso, a longtime Democrat supporter, told the Times, “He has strengths: He knows the country.”  He went on to say, “He has world stature. He has handled the job of secretary of state extremely well. He beat George Bush in three debates. He prepared Barry for three debates.”  Stature?  Are we talking about the same John Kerry-Heinz.  The man is an absolute buffoon!  A guy that has all the brains of an ice cube and the charisma of a damp rag.

But regardless of that fact, Sasso went onto say, “I have no indication Sec. Kerry would ever run again, but I don’t think anyone else has more experience in preparing and running for the presidency than Kerry.”   For his part, Kerry-Heinz said recently that he had no plans to seek the White House again, but in February he said that “nobody ever says never.”  Meanwhile, a spokesmoron for Gore declined to comment to the Times, while Warren has emphasized repeatedly that she would not seek the presidency.

Hitlery’s supporters remain confident that she will emerge as the Democrat nominee.  Jerry Crawford, an Iowa supporter said, “The media notwithstanding, I think Hillary is in very strong shape.”  He went on to say, “She’s going to win Iowa and then the nomination and the presidency.  Democrats who are ornery and cantankerous as a rule are inclined to say they are for Sanders right now.”  He added, “But when it comes time for them to decide who can win the general election, they will vote for Hillary.”

Personally, as someone who fully intends on voting for whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be, at least at this point, I think I would almost prefer Hitlery to any of the other declared, or hypothetical, candidates on the Democrat side.  And I feel fairly confident in saying that Hitlery will most certainly not go quietly into the night.  She feels she is entitled to the presidency, and feels like she was robbed the last time around.  Nothing short of prison will get her out of the race.


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