Hitlery 49

It was while speaking at the launch of something called “Women for Hillary” yesterday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that Democrat presidential candidate Hitlery Clinton escalated her jabs at the 16 Republican ‘men’ running for president, taking particular aim at their records on issues such as family leave, pay equity, and, of course, funding for Planned Parenthood.  You know, that same organization that likes to pump up its bottom line by selling body parts of aborted babies.

But out of all the GOP candidates she saved her sharpest criticism for front-runner Donald Trump, who has come under fire for his ‘disparaging’ comments about women. Trump has defended himself by saying, “I cherish women,” and pointing to his record of hiring women in his business endeavors.  To that Hitlery said, “If it’s all the same to you, Mr. Trump, I’d rather you stopped cherishing women and started respecting them.”  And of course there was a certain amount of laughter.

But I thought it rather odd to hear such a comment coming from Hitlery.  Because unlike her husband, ‘Slick Willie, I don’t recall hearing about Mr. Trump ever being accused of rape.  Or the fact that the Clinton Foundation & Slush Fund has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from countries with some very questionable, to say the least, human rights policies especially when it comes to women.  Women who support Hitlery demonstrate, quite clearly, just how ignorant they truly are.

And it was in her assessment of those who comprise the rest of the GOP field that Hitlery said, “They’re Trump without the pizzazz or the hair.”  Hitlery slammed Ben Carson for saying it was a “spurious argument” to think about life-of-the-mother exceptions to abortion. She also blasted Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush, who in August said “I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.”  Even though he would later clarify what we he ‘meant’.

And it was also yesterday that Hitlery’s campaign also released a video in which the candidate says, “I’m really tired of women being shamed and blamed” and then shows Rubio, Bush, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker criticizing Planned Parenthood or Roe v. Wade.  Which, I thought, was also something more than a little ironic since it was coming from a woman who worked very hard to both “blame and shame” any woman who might dare to speak out against her letch of a husband.

And it was as this same event that Hitlery also accepted the endorsement of New Hampshire Senator, and that perennial dingbat, Jeanne Shaheen.  Sheheen said, “She will proudly stand with women.”  And she went on to say, “I will guarantee you that Hillary Clinton is never going to defund Planned Parenthood.”  Personally I more than a little impressed with the fact that Ms. Shaheen was able to get through her entire statement with a straight face.  It must have been difficult.

The bottom line here is that if women are foolish enough to believe anything this woman says, and refuse to recognize it as being the election year rhetoric that it is, then they should not take offense when there are those of us who call into question their level of commitment for saving this country.  The truth is that Hitlery has, on any number of occasions, made it very clear that she is someone who is more than willing to sell women out as long as the price is right.


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