Democrats 37

Anyone who actually believes that the Democrats in this country possess anything but a pure hated for this country is, quite imply, beyond ignorant.  Because it has become painfully obvious that this political party, and nearly to a person, has now officially, and very enthusiastically, joined with Barry “Almighty” in his endeavor to place at risk, the life of every single American citizen.  Which is odd, really, coming from a political party that professes itself to be the protector of the people.

And so it should have come as no surprise to hear that Barbara Mikulski, that ignorant sow of a Democrat from ‘The People’s Republic of Maryland’, had now declared, just yesterday, that she will be throwing her support behind Barry’s Iran nuclear deal, handing to him the 34th Senate vote needed to sustain a veto of any congressional resolution disapproving the deal. Thirty-two Senate Democrats and two independents who vote with the Democrats now back this disastrous agreement.

And it was in so doing that this disgraceful individual chose politics over protecting the homeland.  In what was an attempt to defend this despicable act, Ms. Mikulski released a statement: “No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime. I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb.”  And this ‘statement’ went on to say, “For these reasons, I will vote in favor of this deal.”

Mikulski’s backing means that Barry’s fellow Democrats will now have enough votes to protect this idiotic and very dangerous, nuclear ‘deal’ between Iran and world powers in the U.S. Congress. The agreement, announced on July 14, exchanges sanctions relief for Iran for Tehran’s agreeing to curtail its nuclear program.  But there’s a dirty little secret about this ‘deal’ that seems to matter very little to these Democrats who have now seen fit to support it.  It does nothing to curtail Iran’s drive for the bomb!

Lawmakers have until Sept. 17 to vote on a “resolution of disapproval,” which would weaken the international pact by eliminating Barry’s ability to temporarily waive many U.S. sanctions on Iran.  And with Republicans virtually united in opposition, Democrats have spent the summer rallying support for an agreement seen as a potential legacy foreign policy achievement for Barry.  That Democrats are able to see this as being an achievement makes clear their deep-seated hatred for America.

Republicans hold majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate.  And while they have managed to accomplish very little thus far, they are likely to pass a Republican-sponsored disapproval resolution. However, Barry has promised to veto any such measure, and opponents would have needed two-thirds majorities in both chambers to override the veto.  The Democrats have once again shown their true colors by siding with Barry over what is best for the country.

Support by 34 Democrats now means that Barry’s veto would be sustained. A resolution would also fail if deal supporters can muster 41 votes in the Senate to block it using a procedural motion. Senate leadership aides on both sides of the issue said it was still too early to say whether that would happen. Mikulski’s support leaves 10 undecided Senate Democrats.  But at this point it remains doubtful that they will remain undecided for long.  They can claim that their votes weren’t really needed.

We’ve heard about the two top Democratic senators, Chuckie Schumer and Robert ‘Underage Hooker’ Menendez, who claim to oppose it, as do a handful of Democrats in the House, including Steve Israel, the chamber’s highest-ranking Jewish member.  But let’s be honest here, shall we?  Which, quite frankly, is really more than either of these two pathetic liars are being.  Because their objections are really more for show than having anything to do with the very real dangers this ‘deal’ poses.

So now that the Democrats have once again made it very clear that they choose to stand with the enemies of America, how is it that anyone in their right mind, and regardless of political affiliation, could ever consider voting for any Democrat, or Socialist, candidate for president in 2016?  So at what point might we finally choose to hold these scumbag accountable for their reckless disregard for the safety of this country?  When will ‘WE’ put our country above our politics?

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