GOP 07

So apparently, our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’, Barack Hussein Obama has now taken it upon himself to issue what he considers to his marching orders to the Republicans in Congress, warning them against threatening a government shutdown after returning from their break in September.  At which point they will have a month to pass a new federal budget.  And I am quite sure, knowing our ‘Republicans in Congress’ as I do, they will most assuredly be only to happy to do exactly as they are told.  Because it matters not that we are neck deep in debt, only that Barry be allowed to spend.

It was just this past Thursday that, while in New Orleans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Barry was heard to say, “Let’s not introduce unrelated partisan issues.”  And our ‘Fearless Leader’ went on to say, “Nobody gets to hold the American economy hostage over their own ideological demands.”  Apparently he most certainly was not talking about himself or any of his fellow Democrats because they have most certainly taken the position of holding the economy, and the country, hostage on any number of occasions over their ideological demands.

Now for those unaware, the new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.  And if Congress doesn’t pass a budget, which I don’t think has been done at any time during Barry’s entire presidency, then it must pass a continuing resolution, or a temporary measure in order to keep the government fully funded and operating.  Earlier this week, it was Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate, who said he would push for any continuing resolution to defund Planned Parenthood. Other Republicans have opposed removing the sequester cuts that would require a boost in federal spending.

It was during Barry’s little speech there in New Orleans that he talked about how the economy has recovered. “It’s why we need to do everything we can in government to make sure our progress keeps growing,” Obama said. “That requires Congress to protect our momentum, not kill it. Congress is about to come back from a six-week recess.”  It is only by Barry’s definition that the economy can be said to have ‘recovered’. For Barry to continue to put forth the idiotic claim that there has been an economic recovery of any kind is absolutely ludicrous and patently dishonest.

Barry said, “I want everybody to understand that Congress has about a month to pass a budget that helps our economy grow.” He added, “Otherwise we risk shutting down the government and services we all count on for the second time in two years. That would not be responsible. It does not have to happen. Congress needs to fund America in a way that invests in our growth, in our security. Not in a way that cuts us off at the knees by locking in mindless austerity or short cited sequester cuts for our economy and our military.”  This kind of rhetoric is nothing less than reckless!

Barry went on to issue a veto threat saying, “I’ve said I would veto a budget like that.” He went on to say, “I think most Americans agree, we’ve got to invest in rather than cut things like military readiness, infrastructure, schools, public health, the research and development that keeps our companies on the cutting edge. That’s what great nations do.”  What about ‘great nations’ that continue to spend more than they take in, racking up a $19 Trillion debt.  Are they simply supposed to keep spending record amounts even though they are essentially broke?  How responsible is that?

I think we can all come to agree that our Republican majority in Congress has proven to be nothing more than an unmitigated disaster and a complete disappointment and shows no sign of becoming anything different in the near future. Republicans are going to have a very important decisions to make over the course of the next few months if they are to have any hope of maintaining their current majorities beyond 2017.  They can either do as Barry says, or they can do as we the people demand!  You would think that the decision would be a relatively simple one.  And yet…


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