Democrats 36

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is little doubt that Democrats, and especially our disaster of a president, loath America.  And if you’re stupid enough to vote for Democrats, then guess what?  You’re doing nothing more than to vote ‘for’ those who are working to bring about the death of your own country.  And how insane is that?  Democrats have a well-publicized history of acting against that which is in the best interest of America.  And let’s face it, those of us who are old enough will remember the many exploits of Democrats during the Vietnam War.  And things have only proceeded to get worse since then.

And really very little has changed since then as is evidenced by the most recent example of just how determined the Democrats remain in their effort to bring about the end of America, that being of course Barry “Almighty’s” highly questionable Iran nuclear deal.  A deal which, apparently, a growing number of Democrat senators are now coming to support. To the point where just five more Democrats are needed to sustain Barry’s promised veto of a resolution the purpose of which is to disapprove the agreement.  Democrats seem all too eager to assist Barry’s in aiding his Muslim brothers and at the expense of keeping the American people safe.

With the recent announcements of support for Barry’s deal with Iran, aka the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), by Democrats Patty Murray and Debbie Stabenow, the number of its Democrat supporters in the Senate now stands at 29.  And assuming that all Republicans, which is never good with respect to our cadre of congressional RINOs, vote to disapprove the deal when the resolution comes to the floor sometime in mid-September, the support of 13 Democrats would be needed to override that promised presidential veto.  Now what do you think is the likelihood that there will be 13 Democrat willing to stand with America and against Barry?

Only two Democrats thus far, Chuckie Schumer and Robert Menendez, had announced their opposition to the deal as of late yesterday.  Eleven of the still supposedly undeclared 15 would have to join them to reach the needed target of 13.  But let’s face it, these two guys are confident that there will be more than enough Democrats who come out in favor of the ‘deal’.  And I think it’s more than a little naïve to expect there to be enough Democrats who would be willing to override Barry’s veto.  It’s simply not going to happen.  Democrats simply won’t be able to bring themselves to stand with what has become majority of Americans.  It’s just not in their DNA.

And as it has done every time there has been a member of Congress who has come out in support of the JCPOA, the Barry Obummer administration celebrated Murray’s and Stabenow’s decisions. “Another YES for @TheIranDeal,” tweeted that well-known bimbo Marie Harf, strategic communications adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz, after each senator made their stance public. Harf provided links to their statements explaining their reasons, and @TheIranDeal, an administration-controlled Twitter account, also highlighted the announcements.  But the last time I checked there are still more Americans who oppose it, than support it.

And it was in their statements that Murray and Stabenow both acknowledged concerns with parts of the agreement but said after close review and consultations they ultimately decided it was worthy of support.  Murray said it was “not a perfect deal, and there are several elements I would like to be stronger,” but concluded that she was “convinced that moving forward with this deal is the best chance we have at a strong diplomatic solution …”  So I guess what’s all important to this pansy-assed imbecile is that we have any sort of a “diplomatic solution” no matter how seriously flawed it might be.  Liberal lunacy is now there for all to see.

And it was Stabenow who also described the deal as “not perfect,” but went on to say, “I have determined that the imminent threat of Iran having a nuclear weapon outweighs any flaws I see in the international agreement.”  Well I’m not sure about you, but that certainly makes ME feel better.  But ya know, I’d be more than just a little curious to know just what it is that she thinks makes her anywhere near qualified to make such a determination?  Is it simply because there were enough brain-dead Democrats in her state who were willing to vote for her?  Because if that’s the case then that’s no qualification.

And that which should come as a surprise to no one familiar with the hostility these Democrats have toward America, is the fact that apparently we now have news that would seem it indicate that at least some Senate Democrats are not content to merely uphold Barry’s veto of a resolution disapproving the Iran deal.  Because according to The Associated Press we now know that those Democrats who support this deal are currently talking about working to get enough votes, 41, to kill the disapproval resolution outright in the Senate, preventing the need for a presidential veto.  Such an attempt should come as a surprise to no one really.

Bob Corker, well-known RINO from Tennessee and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is the primary architect of this resolution.  And it was on Tuesday that he called the plan to kill it, stunning.  “I find that stunning that the leader, the Democrat leader, is proposing that,” Corker told The Associated Press in a phone interview, referring to ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid.  Corker said, “All but one senator voted in favor of having the right to vote on the final deal, so then to turn right around and filibuster it to me is very inconsistent, and I think would be confusing to the people they represent.”

Corker told the AP, “I don’t think there’s any question but the lobbying effort by the administration certainly has generated results, and I have no idea what the final vote is going to be but certainly they’ve picked up some support on the Democratic side.”  Fifteen Senate Democrats have yet to make known whether they will support this horrendous deal, or if they will put the country above politics and oppose it.  And those Democrats are: Michael Bennet, Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Maria Cantwell, Ben Cardin, Thomas Carper, Robert Casey, Christopher Coons, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, Jeff Merkley, Barbara Mikulski, Gary Peters, Mark Warner, and Ron Wyden.

Ya know, I often wonder what it is that might be going through someone’s mind at that specific moment in time when they make that consciously decision to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat.  Do they even realize, or understand, what it really is that they’re voting for?  That being, of course, the bringing about of the demise of their own country, the same country which they will be leaving to their children.  And if they were made to understand that, would such an understanding be sufficient for them to change their vote?  Or, is voting Democrat so ingrained in these people that they simply can’t help themselves.  Are they addicted to voting Democrat?

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