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So, it would seem that perennial Clinton ‘butt-lick’, Lanny Davis, has once again gotten his panties in a twist, feeling compelled again to come rushing to the defense of Hitlery.  Lanny became what can only be described as completely unhinged last week after columnist Windsor Mann wrote that Democrat presidential frontrunner Hitlery Clinton has a personality deficit disorder.  Come on, it’s not as if Hitlery hasn’t been accused of being “likable enough” before.  But somehow Windsor’s words got under Lanny’s skin and he reasoned that Windsor has an “irrelevance” problem.

For those out there who may not be familiar with the esteemed Mr. Davis, he is the former White House Special Counsel to ex-president ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton.  I’m sure you remember ‘Slick Willie’, one of only two U.S. presidents to ever be impeached.  Anyway, old Lanny first met Hitlery back in the late sixties while at Yale Law School.  He supported her presidential candidacy in 2008 and has often appeared on TV as a campaign surrogate.  It was Mann’s op-ed column in USA Today that ran with the rather harsh headline: “Hillary Clinton’s personality deficit disorder.”

Here’s just a snippet of what Mr. Mann wrote: “Because her recent past is uninspiring, Clinton is now showcasing her distant past — the era before anyone had heard of her. …Needless to say, if the best part of your political career occurred before your political career, there may be a problem with your political career. Such is the case with Clinton’s. …. If Clinton’s personality is her chief asset, she’s in trouble. To a lot of people, she comes across as neither affable nor interesting nor honest.”  To me none of what Mr. Mann wrote seems to be right on the mark.  But not so for Lanny.

In his effort to defend Hitlery, Lanny puts forward the claim that Mr. Mann is the one with issues.  He said so in a response that ran in USA Today a day after the column published.  Per Mr. Davis:  “Could it be that Mr. Mann actually believes his brand of written bile actually convinces anyone who cares about solving the great problems facing this country?” Davis began his psychoanalysis. “Can he be that blind to his own irrelevance? Or are his personal attacks on Secretary Clinton precisely because he is aware of the latter, and that frustrates him?”

And Lanny went on to say that he was “disappointed” in USA Today for presuming that Hitlery is the frontrunner. He sees this as insulting to the other Democrat presidential hopefuls. He finds this kind of “biased reporting” really “irresponsible” since it “robs the other candidates of their legitimacy.”  But isn’t Hitlery still the one being referred to as the Democrat ‘frontrunner’ by just about everyone in the state-controlled media?  And why not?  Isn’t she leading all of her rivals, both declared and undeclared by double-digits?  So what’s Lanny really talking about here?

I guess we could try to explain Lanny’s rather idiotic behavior by saying this his little rant must have been written after a couple cocktails at dinner.  But he does have a rather long history of exhibiting this level of butt-licking when it comes to the Clintons.  Fuming about a journalist’s ‘irrelevance’ when he’s writing in the biggest newspaper in the country?  Really?  Perhaps ‘Team Hitlery’ is getting a bit worried about Hitlery’s irrelevance now that Bernie is ahead of her by 7 points in New Hampshire.  Lanny’s reaction might actually stem more from panic than from alcohol.

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